Lock Down DIY – Easy Ways to Transform a Room

With lock down coming to a strange and kind of unnerving end, lots of us are thinking about how we’ve spent the last 100 days. In the beginning Instagram was filled with grand plans for all this imposed free time – amazing make overs, learning new skills, baking banana bread… all the things we’ve been telling ourselves we would get done if we only had a minute. Ultimately though this time has been filled with worry, stress, and anxiety, and that is not the ideal vibe we need to achieve great things. So if you haven’t completed a total make over of your whole home don’t feel guilt or regret. If you do find yourself sick of your four walls though and fancy changing things up a bit, there are plenty of easy and cheap things you can do to transform a room or two and get a little of that productivity satisfaction.

Quick Ways to Transform a Room

Decor & Soft Furnishings

The easiest thing you can do to change the look of a room is to add a little decor. Fill a room with a few houseplants, add a new print or some of your favourite artwork, new cushions or a throw over the sofa, curtains/blinds, or a new rug to add some colour. Really quick and simple but can make a big difference to the feel of a room. Throw up a new shelf and add some of your favourite things – this is a great option if you’re indecisive and want to change it up often.

Keep your eyes on local selling groups, Gumtree and Facebook Marketplace. I’ve found so many bargains this way, and also by searching eBay for furniture locally. You might find the perfect new sofa, dining table or bathroom sink! Something that’s really easy but often makes the room feel totally different is to just rearrange the furniture you have. Move your bed to a different wall, turn the sofa a different way, change things up a bit and it will feel like a brand new room for free!

Grab Some Paint

If painting the entire room feels overwhelming you could think about adding a feature wall, wall mural or getting creative with shapes – maybe an arch over the door way or a circle behind your shelving. There’s lots of ideas on Pinterest, and plenty of them can be achieved with a few tester pots of paint which saves some cash! You could also consider painting the door itself, this creates a great impact – I’m still in love with my Frenchic pink door. Tara from Our Layered Home has some more brilliant ideas for getting creative with colour in your home.


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Change the Flooring

If you’ve got a bit of budget and fancy a challenge then changing the flooring is a great way to transform a bedroom. Fitting laminate flooring or laying vinyl is simple if you have a little time and patience, and you could go for something totally different to make a real statement. Depending on your current flooring you could also consider painting what you have, or sanding and staining floorboards if you have them. If you have a go at fitting new flooring and skirting boards, check out how to scribe your skirting boards for an easy, professional finish.

Bathroom Makeover Ideas

The bathroom is often a room that gets forgotten about when decorating, or it can sometimes feel like a difficult room to tackle. We all want a beautiful space, but ultimately it has to be functional as well. If you follow me on Instagram you will have seen our bathroom renovation saga, which has been filled with unexpected problems and delays. Finally though it is all coming together, and I’m SO excited for it to be done. If your bathroom is looking a bit tired there are several things you can do with ease and budget in mind, to change things up a bit.

All of the easy ways to change up a room can work in a bathroom too – add some new plants (always the answer), or a few new prints. In a bathroom you could also grab a new shower curtain, bath matt or towels to change the vibe. If you want to go further, why not grab a tin of paint and try out a new colour in your bathroom? Tiles can also be painted over (Frenchic paint is great for this too – check out their Facebook group for more inspo), a grout pen can change the look, or you can use tile stickers to transform it completely. Vinyl flooring can completely change the look too, stores like B&M have large rolls that are really affordable. Sometimes even just tidying your bath or shower up with some fresh silicone will make it feel better – if you’re not sure how to do this then check out YouTube! If you want to go all out and re-tile completely – it’s much easier than it looks to do and YouTube can help with that too. For bigger renovations and remodelling you could consider changing the bath shape or installing a wet room for a totally different feel.

Honestly, if you want to refresh your home or put your own stamp on it – it doesn’t have to be expensive, hard or feel overwhelming. A few new bits, a lick of paint, reorganising a room or two. It can really make a difference to how a room feels, and it might just make you feel kind of proud of what you’ve achieved so why not give it a go?

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