Dairy Free Treats List – Soya Free Too!

As the mother of a child with CMPA I know how stressful it can be, and how absolutely overwhelming it very quickly becomes. I became dairy free and soya free for nearly two years whilst I breastfed Dilan, and thanks to that experience I have built up a good knowledge on the subject. I’ve written about our diagnosis and journey as well as how hard I found breastfeeding initially, but more importantly I spent two years searching out decent substitutes and delicious things to eat safely. A while ago I decided to write them all down to be able to give the list to mums just starting out on their CMPA journey. Hopefully the list below will make you feel a little better about giving up dairy and show you that you definitely don’t need to miss chocolate. 

Everything on the list below is dairy and soya free. The list is kept as up to date as possible but it’s important to note that ingredients do change so you must check packaging every time you buy. To suggest additions to the list or advise me of product changes please email dairyfree@dilanandme.com

For more information on CMPA take a look at our CMPA FAQ page. For more posts about our dairy free life as well as recipes you can view all our dairy free recipes here or posts about living with CMPA. For a list of all my dairy free resources head over to the Breastfeeding with CMPA Directory.

A HUGE dairy free and soya free treats list for mums breastfeeding with CMPA. If you've gone dairy free to breastfeed your baby who has a dairy allergy then check here for dairy free chocolate and dairy free cake. Don't miss out on all the vegan doughnuts. Loads more breastfeeding with CMPA resources at dilanandme.com


Booja Booja truffles and ice creams

Moo Free (a variety of bars and flavours available)

Ombar choco mylk bars

Tesco/Sainsburys/Aldi store brand after eight type chocolates

Lots of dark chocolate bars from Aldi/Lidl are safe including mint creme

Tesco 72% and 74% dark chocolate

Green and Black 85%

Plamil white chocolate and ‘Lots of This None of That’ bars

Enjoy Life chocolate bars

The Raw Chocolate Co – vanoffee tastes like Galaxy!

Willies Cacao bars and buttons (not all – please check!)

Seed and bean dark chocolate bars (not all)

Essy and Bella



 Sainsburys Iced Desserts – Chocolate, Vanilla and Strawberry

Swedish Glace Coconut with a Passion Fruit Twist

Almond dream ice cream (some flavours contain soya lecithin)

Alpro Hazlenut Chocolate Ice Cream

Booja Booja ice cream

Tesco Free From mini milk style ice lollies

Tesco Free From milk split ice lollies

Tesco raspberry & lemon sorbet

Coconut collaborative ice creams and “snowconut sticks” (like magnums)

Perfect World ice creams

Jude’s Dairy Free ice cream (ocado)

Miiro ice cream lollies

Lidl/Aldi sorbets


Lidl Apple/cherry crumbles

Lidl cookie crunch cereal

Tesco value frozen apple crumble

Tesco frozen fruit strudel (Apple and woodland fruit)

Tesco chocolate mousse, lemon dessert and tiramisu (free from chilled section)

Birds custard powder (in the tin)

Oatly vanilla custard (stocked in Tesco)

Sainsburys free from brownies and chocolate logs

Emma’s Country Cakes Vanilla Fairies (sold in Sainsbury’s)

Tesco free from coffee and walnut cake bars

Most marshmallows

Sunpat choc a nut spread

Asda Dark Choc and Mint spread

Nature’s Store Hazlenut & Chocolate Spread

Nakd bars (some contain soya so check the labels)

Nakd fruit and nut nibbles

Cake in a mug nigella recipe (Cook in microwave)

Respect Organic carrot cake (sold in sainsburys)

Most store/value brand Bourbon biscuits. Lots of value biscuits are safe, check labels

Own brand bakewell tarts

Several own brand mini apple/fruit pies

Genius cupcakes

Most Angel cake

Jus roll pastries (and usually store own brands)

Co op custard and jam doughnuts (also egg free)

Co op ring doughnuts with sprinkles

Co op free from brownies

Trident Splash sugar free chewing gum (most others contain soya)

Fluff marshmallow in a jar

Some Betty Crocker cake mixes and icings (check label) – can use cake mix + can of fizzy drink to make a df sf ef cake

Most gingerbread

Rebel mylks, loads of flavours

Kallo dark chocolate rice cakes

Enjoy Life double chocolate cookies


Several supermarket birthday cakes – jammy dodger, Tesco value white with balloons

Banana or Apple sorreen (not regular!)

Chickpea water meringue (egg free- Google for recipe)

Waitrose golden syrup sponge puddings

Angelic cookies (free from section)


Tesco Chocolate and Hazlenut Churros (frozen section)

Co op sorbet ice lollies

Mr Kipling Gluten Free Almond Slices and Country Slices

Tesco Free From Coconut Rice Pudding Pots

Delicious Alchemy Free From Celebration Cake Kit

Freaks of Nature Cocoa Loco Puddings

Mr Kiplings Gluten Free Chocolate Brownies


Coconut collaborative yoghurts

Coyo vanilla yoghurt

Koko yoghurts – flavoured and plain

Nush – flavoured pots and new tubes

Oatly creme fraiche


Le conserve pesto stocked in Asda

Pizza bases – napolina or Tesco own frozen, Morrisons counter

Oxo stock cubes

Knorr stock pots (NOT rich beef)

Most Lidl fresh bread except panini or cheese topped rolls

Lots of Waitrose fresh breads

Sliced Bread – Jacksons white bread, Tesco finest seeded or wholemeal, lidl soft wholemeal. Aldi farmhouse loaf

Most crumpets and bagels

Wine!!! Check barnivore website to confirm its dairy free

Tesco value garlic bread baguette (lots of other shops too)

Morrisons pizza bread garlic bread

Pizza express dough balls (take out the butter portion)

Jus roll pastries

Iceland bake yourself loaves of bread (not all)

Iceland burger buns

Pukka pies (several flavours please check)


Violife comes in slices, block or soft cheese (Violife creamy) and a Parmesan version *NEW* lots of other flavours now available – hallomi, pizza, etc. Plain versions sold in most Tesco stores, a variety of flavours available from other stores (h&b, goodness direct).

*NEW* – most supermarkets have now made their free from cheeses soya free! Always check ingredients as there will be a transitional stage with older stock.

*NEW* Koko hard cheese and soft cheese with added calcium – available in Waitrose.

*NEW* Nush soft cheese

Follow Your Heart – wide range


Butter – pure spread, vitalite, koko, Tesco avocado or coconut spread. Stork block for baking

Milk – oatly, koko, hemp, almond.. Also many come in a variety of flavours like chocolate and vanilla

Cream – oatly oat cream or coconut milk in a tin kept in the fridge over night


Peanut Butter Cookies – Dairy, Soya and Gluten Free
Our Favourite Biscuits and Jammy Dodgers – Dairy, Soya and Egg Free
Chocolate Crazy Cupcakes – Dairy, Soya and Egg Free
Chocolate Halloween Biscuits – Dairy, Soya and Egg Free


McDonald’s – burger, chicken nuggets, mcchicken sandwich, chicken mayo, chicken selects, Big Mac no cheese, sweet chilli chicken deli wraps, mayo chicken, chips, chicken nuggets, apple pie, fish finger/hamburger/chicken wrap/nuggets happy meal

Burger King – Whopper meals, fries, onion rings, kids hamburger or fish fingers

Pizza Express – all pizza bases are dairy free and if you take in a sealed pack of violife they will cook it for you 👍🏼 Also dough balls with oil instead of butter, and raspberry sorbet no wafer. *EDITED to add Pizza Express now offers dairy and soya free cheese as an option on any pizza – amazing!

Zizzi – vegan cheese on pizza and several vegan desserts

Dominos – gluten free base no cheese, potato wedges, chocolate melt

Nandos – loads of options including a dairy free chocolate ice cream

Wagamamas – lots of options, they should give you a folder detailing changes you can make to meals to make them suitable

Subway – all bread contains dairy or soya so salad is the only safe option

Costa – gluten free bake well tarts, sometimes the gingerbread shapes (check packaging). Blueberry muffins used to be safe, June 2017 allergen info states they contain milk but more recently September 2017 info shows them as safe (df sf) I’d always recommend triple checking instore and asking staff to check the actual muffin box

Starbucks – fruit toast, Starbucks dark chocolate bar. Allergen info for Summer 2017 here (food) and beverage allergen info here. *please note, lots of coffee shops are now offering alternative milks, however I wouldn’t advise getting a frothed drink. The cross contamination risk is huge from the wands – most chains state the non dairy milks are suitable for lifestyle choices, not allergies*

Most restaurants will have allergen info online and ALL will have in on site for you to see (legal requirement)