Norfolk mamas may already be familiar with the KindaShop and the recently opened KindaKafe. Both are run by The Missing Kind, who’s mission is to support kindness warriors and enable them to make a difference globally; to people, the planet and animals. They aim to achieve this through the KindaHappy movement which is a social enterprise.  It’s something I stumbled across accidentally one day and I was immediately intrigued. The shop is full of beautiful gifts which have been locally sourced and ethically produced and the cafe is a wonderfully quirky and colourful place that’s full of inspiration. They offer so many brilliant opportunities and the building is jam packed with inspiration for spreading some kindness of your own, I highly suggest checking it out.

Bright rainbow floor boards at the KindaKafe

Whilst browsing the shop I came across these envelopes and immediately adored the idea. You simply pop something inside – money, a voucher or a message of kindness, and pass it on to someone who may benefit. The recipient can take what they need from the envelope and add their own gift in return, then pass it on, and the chain continues. Each envelope has a different message on the front and each person also leaves a “kindness mark” on the envelope so future recipients can see how long the chain has become. Something so simple has the power to become something huge as its passed on, inspiring the next person to keep the kindness going.

I thought this would be a lovely addition to our Random Acts of Kindness project and I know the Kindness Warriors won’t mind me expanding on their idea. As well as purchasing an envelope from them which we will pass on to someone locally, we’ve also sent out some happy mail to a few lovely mamas who should receive them in the next few days. Inside I’ve included something small that will hopefully put a little smile on their faces. We’ll be sending some more happy mail soon via our friends at Postpals so look out for more info on that.

Every act of kindness, no matter how small, creates a ripple with no logical end. Every time we choose to show someone a moment of generosity we have the power to enrich their day and ours. I think The Missing Kind and the Kindness Warriors they support are doing amazing things and ever since finding them I’ve felt inspired and motivated to push harder, do more and spread more kindness. The aim of our summer project, and hopefully beyond that, is to inspire more people to carry out simple random acts of kindness. We want to show how something small can really make a difference to someone’s day; how that in turn will inspire more kindness, and let’s face it, there can never be enough of that. I hope with the help and support of The Missing Kind and all they do we can really turn it into something amazing.

If you were taking part in our Random Acts of Kindness project this summer then don’t forget to let us know what you’ve been up to by commenting below or by using  #summerofRAOKs on Instagram. Our previous blog post has loads of ideas for a variety of budgets and time scales, so get out there and spread some kindness!

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