YOU: shoes are still the enemy • tell airplanes they are being too noisy • take pictures of everything, including your dinner • are totally mesmerising, I could watch you forever • are getting very good at counting • adamant every letter is “the letter b” • love buying your big issue magazine every week • have a strong fridge magnet collection • went all the way to London Zoo just to see the owls • love playing with other children • push me to be better • have the cheekiest grin • adore the sea side • give the best hugs 

ME: accepted you’ll be barefoot forever now • wondering how we’ll avoid frostbite this winter • so excited for falling leaves and puddle jumping • leaping out of my comfort zone • building us a future • wondering how you are turning 3 soon • also feeling like I can’t remember life without you • always kissing you • constantly in awe of everything you say and do • treasuring every day • just starting to find a pretty good balance between “mama” and “me” • getting better at capturing real moments • finding watching you become you so exciting • leading by example and being the best that I can be 

Photography by @mr.adamrobertson


  1. 2nd September 2016 / 4:07 pm

    This is just beautiful, and that last photo- absolutely precious.

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