Vlog: Bluestone Wales – The Kingdom of The Elves 2017

During our trip to Bluestone last month we were lucky enough to get to sample The Kingdom of The Elves 2017, and take a trip to Elftopia via Elf Airlines. Absolutely full of fun and special FX for the kids, plus enough dry humour and pop culture references to keep the adults entertained – I was genuinely surprised by how much I enjoyed it. For more details of what we got up to check out my vlog of the day below, or keep scrolling for my top tips for The Kingdom of The Elves and Christmas at Bluestone.

Top Tips for The Kingdom of The Elves and Christmas at Bluestone

  • Catch the bus to get there. The Kingdom of The Elves takes place in the Adventure Centre, so definitely worth hoping on the free shuttle bus to get there.
  • Remember that it will be hot. People told me this but I didn’t listen, and I should’ve. The children are all given fleece elf suits (adults can buy one too!) so keep their layers thin for under that. Adults really don’t need coats or jumpers, you will end up sweating.
  • On the subject of coats, try not to take yours if you can avoid it. It was annoying having to carry mine and Dil’s through the attraction.
  • Do wear a Christmas jumper or festive outfit though. We missed this memo somehow and I think we were the only one’s in normal clothes!
  • Be prepared to have your cheeks painted elf red!
  • Go in a good mood. Yes it will be silly, it will require audience participation and you probably will get picked on/have to do something a little embarrassing. Usually that’s my worst nightmare but actually it was really fun – so throw yourself in and enjoy it.
  • Book your extra Christmas activities early. The Kingdom of The Elves tickets luckily come free with your booking (if you arrive between the 6th November 2017 – Sunday 7th January 2018) but everything else gets booked up fast. We were lucky to grab the last 3 seats for the pantomime (so glad we did!).
  • Seats are allocated for the panto, although possibly try to swap with someone if you end up in A1 – you’ll see why during the show!
  • Definitely head to the coffee shop after to warm up with a delicious hot chocolate, or an ice cream sundae if you fancy it!
  • Make sure to check out the elf show which takes place each evening on the balcony of the Oak Tree restaurant, we caught it on our first night at Bluestone and Dil loved it!
  • Check out the Christmas event at the Blue Lagoon (aka Frost Lagoon) on Wednesdays 4-6 or Friday/Saturday 6-9 – we didn’t make it but I heard great things about DJ Frost!

I asked some other bloggers who have been to Bluestone over Christmas for more tips on visiting at this time of year..

  • Make sure you check the ingredients of the “elf cheek” face paint if you have sensitive skin! Poor Jo from Miracle Max suffered from a bad rash!
  • Kelly Allen agrees that Christmas attire is essential, you’ll feel left out without a Christmas jumper or hat!
  • Pack a torch so you can get safely back to your cabin once the sun sets
  • If you’re off to the activity centre for the day, take clean shoes to change into once you get there. You can leave your muddy wellies in the pushchair storage area! (Genius tip)
  • Take a few Christmas DVDs to watch in your lodge after a busy day of free range fun – tips from Diary of the Evans-Crittens
  • Take an umbrella because rain is likely. If you get a sunny day get out there and explore, because Bluestone is beautiful in the winter sun – Mandy Charlton
  • If the weather is really bad consider hiring a buggy, especially if you’ve got little ones in pushchairs! – Adventures of a Mum
  • Take extra spending money. There will be so much you want to do, not everything is included but it’s all worth a visit! – LesBeMums

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