I admire women.

I admire their beauty, their light, their confidence and their determination. I admire the way they walk down the street, the way they speak their mind, and the way they express their individuality. I admire the way they hold their own in a world dominated by men and I admire the way they chase their dreams like it’s all that matters (it is). 

I admire the way they lift up the people around them, inspiring and supporting them wherever and whenever possible. I admire the communities and the tribes they form, and I admire the incredible things these groups of women go on to achieve. 

I admire their kindness, their compassion and their empathy. I admire the similarities between them, and yet also admire how beautifully different they can be. I admire their ability to be friends, lovers and mothers. To be protectors, advisors, confidants, counsellors, and everything in between. 

I admire the way they can raise the future, run a business, start a movement, follow their passion or do anything else they set their heart on achieving. I admire their passion, their drive and their unbreakable spirits. 

I admire how they are as hard and strong as they are soft and loving. How they are as powerful and dominant as they are vulnerable and sensitive. How they strive for perfection but have turned winging it into an art form. How they radiate beauty from within in the most indescribable ways, and how each one of them has something totally captivating about her – but is almost always completely oblivious to what it is.

Their strengths make them powerful. Their vulnerabilities make them human. They can draw you in with their wit and their charm, but they are ready to fight for something that’s important to them. They are courageous and brave in the face of any fear they may feel. They stand up for what’s right and they believe in speaking up when things are wrong. They know what they want and they won’t stop until they get it. They worry constantly about getting it right, never realising that they have been all along. 

I admire women. I am surrounded by strong, powerful, inspirational women, who are all achieving incredible things. I admire them, and I am so proud to stand beside them. I wouldn’t want the future in anyone else’s hands. 

Photgraphy by Mr. Adam Robertson


  1. 20th December 2016 / 7:19 pm

    Woah lauren! Your words are just so powerful. You write so beautifully and really know how to make your posts full of feeling. I love love love this!

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