The Ultimate Athleisure Outfit To Uplevel Your Run

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If you’re looking to start running seriously, a key factor to consider is your outfit. What you wear while running can make an immense difference to your performance. Your clothing can either slow you down or improve your speed.

In general, you want your clothing to feel light, comfortable, and breathable. Gym apparel is designed for these needs, and the good news is, you don’t need to splash out on fancy, expensive gear to be a successful runner. Nowadays, many affordable active wear brands are delivering top-quality products for an accessible price.

Even if you’re not training for a race, if you’re hoping to improve your speed or stamina, choosing the right clothes is vital. Here are our top tips on the best active wear clothing to uplevel on your run.

1.  Look for lightweight, breathable fabrics

It’s essential to stay cool when running so look for lightweight, loose clothing. Overheating during your run will severely impact your performance, by slowing you down and causing fatigue. Materials like polyester & nylon are thin and breathable, perfect for hotter climates, whereas wool is better suited for harsh winter conditions.

The best athleisure brands design their clothing with cleverly placed ventilation and light-as-air breathable fabric. Look for brands like Fabletics activewear & workout clothing who use light, synthetic material blends to draw sweat to the surface of the material, making it easier for sweat to evaporate. As a result, your active wear doesn’t retain moisture which could make you feel damp, heavy, and uncomfortable during and post-exercise.

2.  Choose comfortable clothing that gives a full range of motion

It’s not a good idea to run in everyday casual wear such as jogging bottoms. Generic clothing like this will not only make you feel heavy, but it will actually restrict your movement and thus, slow you down. The material is also less likely to stay in place, causing annoying issues like waistband rolling or uncomfortable wedgies.

Technical sports clothing has been created for sports activities like running. They are designed to move with your body. Seams are placed in specific areas to enhance movement and prevent the material from rubbing against your skin. This makes them lightweight and chafe-free, giving a full range of motion.

3.  Wear a supportive sports bra

Sports bras are available in low impact, medium impact, and high impact versions. Because running is a high impact sport, you need sufficient support in the chest region. Opt for a medium or high impact sports bra that has been engineered to beat the bounce.

High impact sports bras tend to feature more padding to offer full-coverage support, but most have removable padding. Sports bras have evolved a lot over the years. Nowadays they are super stylish, coming in various designs such as strappy backs and zip fronts.

As you can see, choosing the right clothing for your run can make a huge difference to your performance, Buying from a specialised active wear brand will guarantee you high-performance and comfortable attire while staying on-trend.

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