UK Holiday Ideas For Summer 2020

Making travel plans is tricky at the moment, there are a lot of unknowns when it comes to booking flights, and lots of uncertainty regarding current border restrictions. No one really knows how long this uncertainty will go on for, or when things might start getting back to normal, but lots of us will still want to have trips or holidays to look forward to. Instead of booking foreign travel now might be a good time to plan a trip within the UK and start exploring more of what’s on offer right here, without jumping on a plant.

House hire in the countryside

One great way to explore the UK is to book a house or cottage somewhere you’d like to visit and make it your base while you adventure and have some fun. Websites like are great for finding suitable properties, and choosing this self catering option gives you plenty of freedom while you’re visiting somewhere new. Booking a large property with room for all your family and friends means you can spend some quality time together, but still have space to retreat to when you need to be alone. Plus lots of them will have space to play games, or maybe even enjoy a pool or hot tub! Of course, when you’re looking for big houses to rent make sure you check out current reviews before you book, to avoid any disappointment.

The country has so much beautiful countryside to explore, plenty of places to go for walks and enjoy the scenery. Just don’t forget your wellies!

Bluestone National Park

One of our favourite places to visit within the UK is Bluestone, Wales. Similar to Centre Parcs the emphasis is very much on outdoor, ‘free range fun’ for the whole family. The resort is seasonally themed so visiting at a different time of year will be a completely new experience. Lodges can be booked for small families, and for bigger groups larger and adjoining houses can be booked. There are lots of onsite activities and entertainment as well as several restaurants to try out, and Dil loves the park and play area.

There’s also a brilliant swimming pool with outdoor rapids, wave machine, kids area and several flumes – what more could anyone want during a break away?!

City Breaks

Another great way to explore the UK is by picking a new town or city as your base for your break away. Large cities like London, Manchester and Leeds have so much to offer, you’ll be kept busy for your entire visit. Even cities like Sheffield, York and Norwich have plenty of shops, parks and museums to check out – enough to keep family members of all ages entertained.

Look out for local festivals and events that might be of interest, places like the Southbank in London put on brilliant family friendly events during the summer months.

Visit the coast

You know already that I’m a huge fan of the UK coastline – most specifically the Norfolk coast (just because I’m bias a little). There are so many beautiful beaches to visit, and whether you want unspoilt natural coast to walk on, or the traditional British seaside experience you’ll find something perfect in the UK. Norfolk has beaches like Happisburgh and Overstrand for relaxed coastal visits, and Great Yarmouth is perfect if you’re looking for something a little more Blackpool-esque.

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