Staying Organized on a Cruise: Space-Saving Solutions for Small Cabins

*This is a collaborative post*

Cruise vacations are an exceptional way to see the world; the perfect blend of relaxation and adventure. You get to embark on a voyage of discovery and explore beautiful destinations in comfort and style, surrounded by luxury amenities and sumptuous fine dining.

But there are challenges to going on a cruise, and the most significant of these is keeping everything organized in the limited space your cabin offers. Packing for a cruise means being smart about what you bring and maximizing space, but this often means that when you unpack things can get messy fast.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways to stay organized on a cruise, and with a little planning and some clever space-saving solutions, you can keep the mess to a minimum and enjoy the comfort your cozy cabin has to offer. Whether you are on a long Mediterranean cruise or a short weekend sailing to the Caribbean, here are the best ways to stay organized.

Pack Smart

Maximizing your space in a small cabin begins before you even get onboard ship. Packing smart is a vital part of cruise cabin organization, so consider these tips when putting your luggage together.

Use Packing Cubes

Packing cubes are one of the best ways to save space in your bag. Not only do they help compress your belongings so the space goes further, but they are great for compartmentalizing and organizing your clothes so that everything is easy to find and in the right place, so you don’t have to rummage through or empty your bag every time.

Opt for Multi-Use Clothing

Packing a selection of versatile clothes that coordinate with each other and can be worn in multiple ways helps reduce the amount of clothing you need to bring, without compromising on the amount of different outfits you can style.

Roll Your Clothes

Instead of folding your clothes, roll them instead! This reduces the space they take up and helps prevent wrinkles and creases.

Photo by Alonso Reyes on Unsplash

Maximize Closet Space

Cruise ship wardrobes are usually on the small side, but there are plenty of ways to maximize this space.

Utilize Over-the-Door Organizers

In a small cabin, storage space will be at a premium. So bring your own over-the-door hangers and organizers to add extra places to put shoes, toiletries, socks, and other accessories.

Add Hanging Shelves

Similarly, hanging shelves that attach to the central rod give you a huge increase in storage space for folded clothes.

Use Magnetic Hooks and Clips

The walls and doors of cruise ships are often metal, so bring a few magnetic hooks and clips to keep things like hats, jackets, swimwear, and accessories off the surfaces or floor, and within easy reach.

Organize Your Bathroom

Bathrooms can get cluttered easily, particularly when there aren’t cabinets or drawers, so efficient organization is key.

Shower Caddies and Toiletry Bags

Caddies and toiletry bags that are waterproof and can hang in the shower are a great way to add extra storage and keep toiletries organized and off the limited surfaces of your cruise ship cabin.

Travel-Sized Containers

Make sure you buy travel-sized bottles and tins for your toiletries. You can either purchase small versions of your favorite products or go down a more eco-friendly route by decanting your toiletries from home into refillable bottles.

Keeping your small cruise cabin tidy and well-organized is all about packing smart and using the space you have as efficiently as possible. With the suggestions above you can do far more with less, keep the mess away, and ensure that your cruise experience is relaxing and enjoyable at all times.