Top 5 Travel Questions Answered

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It’s been said “to travel is to live.” Travel is the movement of persons between different geographical locations, which can be achieved by various means, be it by foot, cycle, or automobile on different mediums such as land, sea, or air.

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There are numerous reasons why you may want to travel, including tourism, recreation, charity, migration, research, pilgrimage, and even work-related. With every travel, relevant questions emerge that need to be answered before and during travels. These include but not limited to,


How Can I Travel The World?


Regardless of the motivation, all journeys begin with a single step. Therefore you will need to have a plan whether your trip is scheduled for tomorrow, next month, or sometime later next year. The simplest of ways is to begin by identifying the destinations that are relevant to your motivation to travel.

Feasible destinations have to be identified before you can delve into the logistic intricacies. Once this is out of the way, proceed to extensively research and also consult travel agent on ideal locations and times to travel hence keeping your quest to travel realistic and on track.


How Can I Travel on a Budget?


A Budget is all about pricing, and this will vary from individual to individual. Therefore the key to travelling on a budget is cognisant of your current capabilities and priorities with regard to your travel bucket list.

Those that are within your current means can be achieved in the meantime, while destinations that do not fall within your current means can be purposely planned and saved for over a period of time.

For Air travel, the general rule of thumb is, fares are cheaper when booked in advance. For domestic travel, airfares are typically cheaper a couple of months before your trip, while for International travel, you might want to start searching for best air ticket deals further in advance. The choice of season is also crucial in determining fare and accommodation prices. Public holidays attract higher fares and accommodation packages.


What Are The Best Times to Travel to Asia or Africa?


Deciding on when to visit Asia may be tricky due to its vastness. Asia has some countries cutting across the equator rendering them pretty hot throughout the year while other Asian countries share the same latitude as New York or Norway and therefore have seasonal climate. For the choice of travel time to Asia, you will have to narrow down your destination and thereafter, get assistance from your travel agent to determine the best time to travel.

Most African countries are on or near the equator; therefore, they are hot year-round with a couple of exceptions. This makes it easier to choose the right time to travel to Africa. However, it is still important to consult with your travel advisor on the vaccinations you require before travelling to these destinations. Several African countries still have Malaria. Therefore it is important to carry generic malarone tablets in your backpack.


How Can I Travel Alone?


Solo travel can be daunting as well as exhilarating, especially if one travels to remote or exotic destinations where there could be language and cultural barriers. The best partner for you would be a travel agent who, due to the nature of their business, will be able to connect you with guides on the ground. They can assist you when you need help and also ensure your safety during your trip.


How do I Apply For Travel Documents?


Travel stipulations differ from country to country; however, a valid passport is a basic requirement. It is always prudent to have your passport valid not less than six months after the travel date. Where Visas are an entry requirement, always ensure you have ample time between the application date and travel date.

Information on visa requirements can be sourced from government websites or your travel agent of choice. Proof of vaccinations may also be required in some countries before entry. Therefore, you have to be keen on such requirements. The common vaccinations include Yellow fever, Diphtheria, Whooping cough, Hepatitis A, and Typhoid.

Travelling outside your usual or permanent residence comes with experiencing different climatic conditions, and with that comes a deviation from routines. Depending on your destination, there are simple skincare routines that will minimise damage to your skin, including washing your face twice a day, avoiding hot water, and using sunscreen. Additionally, avoid wiping your face dry and invest in a good moisturiser. If you have to use makeup, always carry with you makeup wipe and cleanser.

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