Making a Rental Feel Like a Family Home

*This is a collaborative guest post*

A family home and a rental property are not usually two things that people associate going hand-in-hand. Why not though? Home is your family so as long as they’re there, your house is just the envelope around you.

If you’re struggling to make a rented house feel like your perfect family home, I’ve come up with a few tips together with CIA Landlord Insurance to put your own stamp on a place. If you’re a landlord looking for more tips on managing your property CIA can help.

Storage a’plenty

With having children, comes having a lot of ‘stuff’. Toys, clothes, lotions, potions and medicines… You might be limited on being able to put up shelving in your rental or installing built-in cupboards, which can make finding somewhere for all your bits and bobs difficult.

Try opting for some stylish baskets. Whether your interior taste lends itself to neutral wicker baskets or industrial wire baskets, they look great layered next to each other in different sizes. For the mountains of toys in your living room, invest in a fabric covered ottoman. When the toys are away, it functions as a chic piece of furniture to liven up the lounge.


We all remember choosing the colour of our bedroom walls as kids, don’t we? Bright pink, or sunshine yellow… This is probably out of the question in a rental – it’s usually all about the neutrals. But your little ones don’t have to miss out on putting their own stamp on the bedroom walls.

Invest in a removable chalkboard wall sticker that fills an expanse of otherwise plain wall space. It’s a great creative outlet and it stops children drawing on all the things that they aren’t supposed to (which can be especially problematic in a rental!) Endless fun that adds a splash of your family’s personality to a room.

Think sentimental

This is probably the most important tip of all – fill your home with the things you love. Let your interior tell the story of your family. You might not be able to wall mount anything, but don’t let that stop you adorning rooms with family photos. Prop them up anywhere you can. Perhaps invest in a bookshelf as somewhere to display your memories and all the crazy crafts that get brought home from school and nursery.

Sentimental objects transform a rental into somewhere that’s entwined with all your precious memories. Kids make a home, and home should evoke all the happy emotions.

Light it up

Lighting is so important in any home, but even more so in a rental. It creates a mood and an atmosphere whilst adding a bit of dimension to a property. Make sure everywhere is illuminated and radiant – no one wants to spend time in a dark and dingy space.

Make sure you’ve got some cosy low-lighting for the evening to unwind and relax after a busy day of parenting. A few lamps around your sofa with some lower wattage bulbs will give you that lazy, evening glow – perfect with some Netflix and chocolates!

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