Review: Gutterhead Adult Party Game – If Cards Against Humanity and Pictionary Had a Baby…

The following game review is suitable for over 18s only and it does contain some naughty words. If you’re looking for family friendly reviews then this isn’t the one for you.

Very occasionally all the stars align, pigs fly, miracles happen and somehow myself and a few friends find ourselves child free and up for socialising all at the same time. It doesn’t happen often, but when it does it’s always a sign that we need to hang out and have a good time. I have to hold my hands up – standing in a loud, dark bar wondering why I’m paying £10 for a drink that tastes like crap doesn’t appeal to me as much as it used to (why has that ever appealed to me though?) so we tend to opt for slightly more chilled evening plans these days. There’s nothing better than heading to a friend’s house (or having them over to ours) and enjoying a takeaway, a few drinks and a lot of laughter; all without attempting to contour my face and usually in the comfort of my warm fluffy socks.

Activity wise we tend to opt for telling embarrassing tales about our partners, trying to out do each other with our parenting horror stories and reminiscing about better times when we all got a lot more sleep. Sometimes if we are feeling particularly wild we’ll even crack out the beer pong table, although I still don’t quite get the hype of throwing a dirty, sticky ball into drinks. Last weekend though we took our night in to the next level, with the arrival of new adult party game Gutterhead.

Gutterhead – The Fiendishly Filthy Party Game

What is Gutterhead?

The best way to describe Gutterhead is to imagine that adult party game favourite Cards Against Humanity had a board game baby with Pictionary. It’s tongue in cheek at best, filthy and inappropriate at its worst, but always great fun. There are 240 different drawing cards made up of people/places, actions, objects, feelings and some naughty or nice challenge cards which you must attempt to draw whilst your team members guess what it is you’re trying to portray. A few examples of some of the cards we drew (to give you an idea of the tone) – ‘fisting’, ‘perky’, ‘cock block’, ‘bunny boiler’, ‘2 Girls 1 Cup’…

How Do You Play?

The aim of the game is the same as in Pictionary – one member of each team draws the word or phrase on the card and the other member (or members) tries to guess. The first team to guess correctly wins the round, and they progress on the board and move their poo shaped game piece closer to the finish line. I like this way of playing because it means everyone is involved in every round, so no moments of anyone getting bored.

There are some other rules that come in to play as you move around the board, as well as some drinking game rules you can add in too. On the board itself you can choose between the ‘Quickie’ or ‘Marathon’ routes, meaning a slightly shorter or longer game.

What We Thought of Gutterhead

Overall we really enjoyed the game, and it certainly gave us a lot of laughs! There were a few moments of ‘how am I going to draw THAT?!’ but we always got the answer in the end. Some of the cards were really funny, but a few of them (things like ‘deflated’) seemed like a bit of a tame card choice.

I think that this game would be even more fun with more people – larger teams shouting random guesses would definitely be pretty hilarious. We ended up playing in two teams of two, and the game is recommended for 4-16 players making up 2-4 teams.

One of my favourite things about Gutterhead actually needs to be the hilarious FAQ section on the website, which is full of the same super dry sense of humour that fills the game including things like:

Q: I bought Gutterhead for my 10yr old, the other school mums reported me to the police, and now I have a criminal record. It’s all your fault, can I sue?

A: No, don’t be silly. We make it very clear on all of our packaging that Gutterhead is for 18+ and we will not take responsibility for your bad parenting blunders.

Would I Recommend Gutterhead?

I would definitely recommend Gutterhead to my student-age nieces and nephews, and to all my fellow parent friends who have a dry or dirty sense of humour like me and get the occasional night off. As the website suggests I think it would be great for a pre drinking session (especially with the extra drinking rules), hen/stag parties and house parties or adults hanging out.

I would definitely not recommend Gutterhead to my mum and dad (sorry guys, it’s not for you), or for someone looking for the perfect board game to play with Granny this Christmas (unless your Granny is well read on what fisting is of course). Definitely not suitable for children, or to play with children even slightly in ear shot unless you want them to go into school shouting “penis, flaccid penis, bell end!” on a Monday morning.

Overall it’s a really fun game, and it’s something we’ll keep playing the next time the stars align. I noticed that expansion packs (like Cards Against Humanity) are now available, so that offers the chance to keep things fresh and possibly even more fun.

If you fancy having a go at Gutterhead then you can grab yours now from Amazon, Firebox, Menkind or directly from the Gutterhead website. Check out our video below for a closer look at the Gutterhead game!

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