School’s Out: Fun Summer Activities to Get Your Kids Moving

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Once school is out every parent seems to experience the same short-lived panic. We want our kids to enjoy the summer and create loads of sweet childhood memories – but reality is calling. Parents need to work and the television is not always a valid entertainment option, even though you’re as busy as ever. If this summer has got the best of you and those great ideas for fun activities have yet to announce themselves, it’s time to think outside of the box.

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Use some of these fun and exciting ideas for your children and rest assured that they’re being active and enjoying their vacation to the fullest before it’s time to go back to school.

Sprinkler Party!

Every child loves a good sprinkler party. If the weather is nice why not invite some friends or the neighbourhood kids over for a sprinkler party and watch them enjoy the summer sun. A slip-n-slide is just as good, and will make a mean water party if you combine it with the sprinkler. 

Museum Tours and City Life

If you all have some spare time its great to prioritise spending some time together as a family. Head out to explore the city as tourists together, visit museums, feed the ducks and eat ice cream in the park, play in the fountain, and take a lot of photos of the fun you’re having.

Even a trip to the amusement park will create memories for life together. Twenty years from now your children will still remember how you mustered up the courage to join them on a ride, or how you walked for half an hour just to find that one fortune-teller lady your child so wanted to see. It’s about spending time together and finding fun family activities that all of you will enjoy.

Set up a Lemonade Stand

Every child has that entrepreneurial spirit. Usher them away from the television and out to the sun by helping them to set up a classic lemonade stand. You might want to supervise the lemonade making though, just to make sure it actually does taste good before they try to sell it to all of your neighbours.

Be creative and spend some time on making the stand together; create a flashy banner, and teach them a bit about business as you go. It is a traditional summer activity and perfect for when you’re enjoying the holidays at home.

When your children are still young, they are actually pretty easy to entertain. While it’s easy to get carried away with big plans and trips, you usually just need a few simple activities to trigger their imagination – and preferably a few friends to have fun with.



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