Recipe: Dairy Free Rainbow Unicorn Bark – Keep Cool This Summer

As always I feel like a bit of a fraud calling this a recipe, because it doesn’t involve any cooking, baking, or really any effort at all; but it is a nice easy and fun thing to do with the little ones and a great way to cool down once the weather gets warmer. Check out my other dairy free recipes for some actual baked goods, but don’t worry because they are all pretty straightforward and kid friendly too!

Dairy Free Unicorn Bark

What You Need

  • Dairy Free yogurt of your choice – we used Koko Original (You could create this with white chocolate too, but I think using yogurt makes it a slightly healthier snack for kids!)
  • Sprinkles of your choice (We used these Bright and Bold sprinkles and some unicorn sprinkles from B&M)
  • You could also use food colouring, fruit, nuts, sweets or whatever you have!

What to do

  1. Line a tray with baking paper and spread the yogurt out so it covers the whole tray
  2. Let the kids go crazy pouring on the sprinkles or the toppings of your choice
  3. Pop into the freezer for a few hours or overnight
  4. Remove from freezer, slice into shards and serve! Eat as it is, or try adding it to something else like a dairy free freak shake!

Make your own dairy free rainbow bark, perfect for a cold treat on a hot day. Great for making with little ones, perfect for kids who love to cook! So easy to make, great for pool parties too. Colourful treats for kids with allergies. Find more dairy free treats at

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