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It’s been a strange old summer so far hasn’t it? We’ve had soaring temperatures, thunder storms and rain – so much rain. We’ve also had sticky, humid and hot evenings – a combination that makes it very hard to get a decent night’s sleep. As a parent my sleep is often already limited, and with a bit more hot weather (hopefully) coming before summer is over for good, I’m putting plans in place to make sure we can stay cool and get a decent night’s sleep. Read on to discover some brilliant tips for sleeping in the heat, as well as how to grab a free cooling mattress protector from Bed Guru!

Free Cooling Mattress Protector from Bed Guru

Bed Guru is an online bed retailer, specialising in solving people’s sleeping woes and helping to end the sleep loss epidemic. To help people sleep in the summer heat they are offering all customers a free cooling mattress protector when they spend over £250.

The Therm-A-Sleep Tencel Cool Mattress Protector works to keep you sleeping cooler and more comfortably by utilising fibre technology. Made with eucalyptus fibres and without pesticides it’s a great choice for those with eczema or sensitive skin. Plus it’s machine washable and you can stick it in the tumble drier – perfect! To grab your free cooling mattress protector simply add it your Bed Guru basket, and the discount will be automatically applied once your spend if over £250.

Tips For Sleeping in the Heat

Shut Your Blinds

Something I recently discovered was really effective for keeping the room cooler during warm weather is to keep your blinds or curtains closed. Protecting your room from direct sunlight means it stays much cooler, meaning a much more comfortable sleeping temperature at night!

Choose the Right Sheets

Choosing sheets made from cotton instead of synthetic fabric will help you to stay cooler in bed. Think about that when PJ shopping too (or sleep in the buff wrapped in those cotton sheets if you prefer!)

Use a Damp Sheet

Weird but apparently it works! Hang a damp sheet across your open window. As the night air passes through it the moisture evaporating from the sheet naturally cools the room. Just make sure to use a light coloured sheet as darker colours will absorb heat. Similarly if you have a fan you could try placing a cold bottle or bowl of ice in front of the fan – this is another great way to get cool air circulating around the room.

Shut the Door

Once you’ve got the room filling with cold air, you want to keep it all there and not let it go escaping around the house. Shut your bedroom door to keep the cool air in overnight, in the same way you’d shut it during the winter to keep the heat in.

Try a Hot Shower

Another weird one, but worth a go! By having a hot shower before bed you can trick your body into thinking it’s cooler than it is because of the sudden temperature drop after your shower. Perfect just before bed!

Give It a Go!

Give a few of these a try next time it’s too hot to sleep, and let me know if they help you get a bit more rest.

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