YOU: love being barefoot • climb everything, the more dangerous the better • find farts hilarious • stick your tongue out when you concentrate, just like your mama • are never fully dressed without a hat • do the most adorable goal celebration every time you kick a ball • can now reach the biscuit tin • must say goodnight to every snail in our garden before bed • grow 3 inches every time I blink • are stubborn, strong minded and determined, and I wouldn’t want you any other way • remind me every day to slow down and enjoy the journey • are my greatest adventure

ME: still happy • proud every day to be your mama • trying to get better at being on time but failing miserably • working on loving myself • finding my tribe • winging it most days – but so far so good • grateful for light evenings, trips to the woods and adventures on the beach • wondering how many of these days you’ll remember when you’re too cool to hang out with me • hoping that day never comes • considering starting a blog • hardcore procrastinator for life • constantly torn between wanting you to stay little and wanting you to grow big • always dreaming of our future 

Photography by Mr. Adam Robertson

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