Bringing a dog into the Family

According to statistics around 34% of the British population own a dog. If you’re looking to join the millions of proud pet owners in the UK, you might be excited – but also nervous. Whether you’re a first-time dog owner or are considering adding a new member to your existing furry family, there are several things you need to consider. We’ve rounded up everything you need to know about getting a dog below. 

Dogs and children

If you have children, bringing home a dog can enrich the lives of your children by allowing them to experience life with a loyal companion by their side. 

While dogs are hugely beneficial for many children, if you don’t choose wisely, you could be adding more stress to your household! 

Puppies vs older dogs 

Once you’ve decided on the breed, you’ll need to decide whether you want a puppy or an older dog. While puppies are cute (and you can choose the breed and look that you want!), they’re also a lot of hard work. If training a puppy isn’t something you can spend a lot of time working on, adopting a dog from a shelter is another option, older dogs are often trained and you will be offering a homeless pet a new lease of life. There is normally a larger cost associated with buying a puppy from a breeder so this needs to be taken into account too. 

Preparing your home 

Before bringing your new dog home, you’ll need to prepare your living space to ensure it’s suitable for your new companion. 

You’ll need to start by dog-proofing your home. As a bare minimum, you should remove hazards or items that could pose a danger to your dog, such as toxic plants, electrical cords, small objects and chemicals. You might want to invest in a new fence if yours has seen better days, too!

Once you’ve removed any hazards, try to create a safe space in your home where the dog can relax and feel secure. A crate or quiet corner is ideal. Once you’ve found the purr-fect spot, add some toys, blankets and other comforts to make the space more inviting.

Finally, you’ll need to stock up on your dog supplies. For example, you’ll need food and water bowls, a collar and leash, a crate or bed, toys, grooming tools and cleaning supplies. 

Think about your car 

If you’re getting a large dog but only have a small ride, it might be time to trade in your BMW 2 series for a larger car. When searching for a new set of wheels, think about how much space you’ll need when you travel as a family. As a minimum, you’ll need a car with a large boot! 

Final thoughts… 

Owning a dog is a rewarding experience – but it requires careful consideration. From choosing the right breed to preparing your home, thoughtful planning is essential. Luckily by following the above steps, you’ll be welcoming a new dog into your home in no time at all!