YOU: have become such a little person • love fixing things with your tools • say “best day ever” nearly every day • don’t ever stop talking • have developed a worrying obsession with prawns and Pringles • love seeing your friends • spend zoo trips seeking out all kinds of animal poo • are a jigsaw puzzle expert • love watching and waving to the bin men • have become extra affectionate, so many cuddles • always holding my hand • have lots and lots of “favourites” • perfecting your joke telling – where do pencils go on holiday?! • think the falling leaves are beautiful • enjoying earlier bed times and earlier mornings 
ME: miss you like crazy when I’m not with you • totally in awe of your huge imagination • wondering how we should celebrate your birthday next month • hoping you’ll hold my hand forever • trying to stay on top of my to do list • always made happier by a cuddle from you • could watch you play forever • so excited for Christmas now you understand who Santa Claus is • finally feeling like I’ve got the hang of things, 3 years in • missing my morning lie in but love being up early to adventure all day • constantly smiling as I watch you • proud of every single thing that you do • loving you always 

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