How to Spend a Weekend in New York

* This is a collaborative post*

If you’ve only got one weekend in New York, you’re going to have to narrow down what you want to do in that time. 48 hours or so in such a huge, exciting city will fly by in the blink of an eye. So, it’s time for you to prioritize. Here we are going to list categories, and ideas within these, for you to consider. It’s time to narrow down your options! Let’s go.


The New York Yankees, New York Giants, and New York Knicks… these are just a few of the famous sports teams this city has produced. So, if you love your sports, then whilst you’re in the area, why not get yourself some New York NBA tickets? Whether you support the team or not, you’re still sure to have an amazing time watching some of the top players in the world compete.


There are plenty of entertainment options for you to enjoy in New York. You can check out the various intriguing museums, visit Coney Island for a fun time at the amusement parks, or go to the New York Aquarium. These are just some ideas for you to consider, New York has endless weird and wonderful attractions that you can visit.


Following on from entertainment, why not check out if there are any specific events on the weekend you’re there? The biggest names in music, art and film all pass through New York at some point. Check out if you can watch a Madison Square Gardens performance, or see if you can visit one of the many interesting exhibitions within the city. Google “what’s on in New York this weekend” to check out some of your options.


If you’re on a tighter budget, you can easily kill time in New York by simply walking around and taking in the sights. Depending on what area you’re in, you’ll probably have plenty on your doorstep, but if not, you can simply hop on the subway to where you want to be. Some of the top things to check out are as follows:

  • Hyde Park
  • Empire State Building
  • Times Square
  • 5th Avenue
  • Staten Island (get the ferry over for free and check out the Statue of Liberty on the way!)
  • Ground Zero
  • Brooklyn Bridge
  • Grand Central Station

…and so on!

Talk to the Locals

Another way to really get a taste of the city is to try to interact with people as much as possible. Whilst New Yorkers are notoriously said not to be the most friendly, there are still plenty of locals that are happy to strike up a conversation or help tourists. You never know who you’ll meet or what you’ll learn, so always try to have an open mind. Look people in the eye, smile, be approachable. You might just be able to find yourself a tour guide for your flying visit!

There isn’t anywhere in the world like New York, so even if you are only there for a few days, you can still try to squeeze as much in as possible. Use these ideas as inspiration.