How To Design A Flaunt-Worthy Bar For Holiday Parties

*This is a collaborative post*

With the holiday season approaching fast, party planning will be on top of your mind. You will surely want to invest in a small home makeover to impress your guests this year, as the celebrations promise to be bigger after the pandemic break. Setting up a bar at home is an excellent idea. The best part is that you can create a setup easily without spending a fortune. Moreover, it makes an excellent addition to your living space for the holiday season and beyond. Whether you want to try DIY or call experts, let your creative ideas drive the project. Here are a few tips for designing a flaunt-worthy home bar for your holiday parties this season.

Choose an ideal space

Designating an ideal space for the setup is where everything starts. Your living room is the best choice because you probably do most of the entertaining here. Setting up a drinks corner in the living or dining area has functional benefits as you will not have to stray too far to mix drinks and serve them to your guests. Look for an unused corner and design it to transform it into the most attractive part of the room.

Create functional storage

A bar setup is as much about storing your essentials as showing them off, so ensure you have a viable storage plan for the area. You will need glass cabinetry to flaunt your favorite spirits, glassware, and mixers. Covered shelves are ideal for keeping bar tools and equipment. Open storage works well if you do not have kids and pets, but homes with both require closed ones with functional locks. Whichever solution you choose, everything should be within easy reach..

Set up a drinking area

Besides cabinets to show off your collection and store the extras, you must set up a drinking area. A bar top epoxy is a great option as it serves the benefits of aesthetics, durability, and affordability. You need not worry about maintenance because epoxy material is resistant to spills and stains. Adding high chairs to the countertop completes the look and feel of the drinking area. Remember to ensure comfy seating for your guests.

Illuminate the area

Illuminating your home bar should be the next step on your checklist. You need not break the bank on designer fixtures, but invest in attractive ones to enhance the ambiance. An overhead lamp to light up the countertop gives you a good start. Add cabinet lighting to showcase the bottles. You can even hang some fairy lights around the cabinets to bring festive cheer. Complete the look for scented candles on the countertop.

Match with the overall decor

Remember to match your bar setup with the overall decor of your living room. A minimalist design goes well with rustic decor, while you can opt for a contemporary look to blend seamlessly with modern decor. Replicate your taste and style in the bar design to create a perfect place to serve drinks to your guests. Rest assured, they will love the drinks zone as much as you do.

Setting up a bar in your living room is the best way to make it holiday-season-ready. Try these simple design ideas to create an area worth showing off!