Getting Married? Here are 5 Romantic Gift Ideas for Your Fiancé

*This is a collaborative post*

So, you’re finally tying the knot with the love of your life! While you must have done all the wedding preparations by now, did you think about the wedding surprise you would give your would-be partner? Well, worry not because we’ve covered that area for you. 

In this blog, we’ve compiled a list of five romantic gift ideas that you can give to your fiance and make the wedding day more special. Read on. 

#1 A Box of Date Night Ideas 

Since you’ve committed to each other to go on endless dates for the rest of your life, why not give them a box of date night ideas? You can get a variety of ideas to make your own box and fill it with unique date night ideas that you want your partner to consider. Or, you can buy ready-made boxes which contain small wooden tokens with gift ideas written on them. 

#2 Bedroom Surprise Hamper 

What could be more romantic than treating them to a bedroom surprise hamper? While you must have typical ideas for your first night, studies show that trying new ways to spice things up can foster a level of intimacy and connection between you two. In the hamper, you can include gifts, such as adult toys like a real whizzinator xxx, to go beyond casual intimacy and explore your partner’s love language. You could also include items such as a bottle of red wine, a box of love notes, etc. 

#3 A Customized Couple’s Portrait

Who wouldn’t love getting a couple’s portrait from their partner? Select your favorite pictures together and hire professionals to create a custom portrait. You can go for a thick textured fine art matte paper for a better final look, or if you’ve got other options in mind, great! It will be a unique and thoughtful gift that they will cherish forever. 

#4 A Boudoir Book Which Will be a Feast to their Eyes 

Boudoir photo albums have to be the hottest trend in wedding gifts, and why not? If you and your partner share a high level of intimacy, this could be the perfect gift for them. Go to a professional boudoir photographer, get some hottest pictures clicked, and get them on an album. When your partner opens the book, the thrill and excitement in their eyes will be priceless. It will be a feast for their eyes. Isn’t it the most romantic idea? 

#5 Scented Love Candle 

Gifting a sexy and scented love candle is a unique way to put a smile on their face and make them feel special. You can choose a candle infused with lavender fragrance. It creates a whole romantic vibe and has sleep-inducing effects, making it a great addition to your bedroom. Or, you can choose other scented candles depending on what your partner likes. 

The End Note… 

So, now that you’ve already got the most romantic gift ideas, what are you waiting for? Add them to your list and treat your partner with something unique and special.