Visiting a Theme Park? Here’s How to Keep Your Family Safe

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Visiting a theme park is a dream vacation for many families. After all, it’s a fun getaway filled with magical experiences that you enjoy to get a break from your hectic schedules and leave behind the daily stressors. But unfortunately, accidents and injuries are common in amusement parks, which is why families should be careful on their trips.

In most cases, accidents and injuries occur due to mechanical failure in rides, such as roller coasters, water slides, and bumper cars. Hence, it becomes your responsibility to keep your family members safe. So, if you’re planning to take your family to a theme park, here are a few things that you should take care of to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience. Read on.

Are Theme Park Rides Safe?

Mostly, theme park safety concerns don’t cross the traveller’s mind until a case of accident or injury becomes the headline. So, how much should you worry about your safety at an amusement park? Well, most people insist that theme parks are one of the safest public tourist spots due to its strict regulation and the industry’s commitment to safety. Yet, there are chances that you might get injured due to slips, falls, and trips at the park, and that too, due to the negligence of organizers in the form of mechanical failure.

In such cases, it is advised to take assistance from an amusement park injury lawyer. Consulting the best personal injury attorneys in town will help you get compensation for all your damage including the medical bills for the treatment of injuries. That said, there are cases where you may or may not be eligible to get financial compensation for your medical expenses. Besides, there are statutes of limitations on how long you can file the injury claim or wrongful death claim (depending on the case). Having a lawyer by your side will take care of all these things.

Tips to Keep Your Family Safe

  • Follow Ride Rules: The easiest way to avoid injuries at a theme park is by just following the ride rules. Help your family understand each ride they take, and make sure the guide informs your family members about the right way to sit on a ride and what to do in case of an emergency. “Park guests should always remember safety is a shared responsibility between the park and the guest,” says Susan Storey, IAAPA director of communications.

Many families send their kids for rides that have ride-height restrictions which can be pretty risky. Hence, before the ride, check the height requirements on the park website so you don’t have to disappoint your child.

  • Come Prepared: Before taking your family to an amusement park trip, make a checklist beforehand of everything that you might require on the trip. Analyze what your day will be like or do random research on how you can prepare yourself for a theme park visitation. For instance, you can be prepared with the following things:
  • Water bottles and snacks
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Sunscreen
  • A basic first-aid kit
  • Extra clothes


  • Follow Precautions With Water Parks: As parents, if you’re taking your kids to a water park, you must be very careful. Although most water parks have well-trained lifeguards and take proper safety precautions, water activities also have an element of unpredictability. Make sure to indulge in water activities by assessing your family member’s swimming skills. Moreover, check for the availability of life jackets at the water park. If you think you won’t get proper gear at the park, consider taking your own life jacket.


  • Don’t Try to Do it All: Another factor that might become a safety issue is when you try to do it all. Your family members, especially the kids, might be excited to explore all the activities, but that can become an exhausting experience. Exhaustion can drain your energy and affect your concentration level, which might increase your risk of getting injured during rides. Thus, convince your kids to stay patient and enjoy limited activities while being able to stay energetic the entire day.

Final Thoughts  

In a nutshell, visiting a theme park is the most wonderful and lively experience to be enjoyed with your near and dear ones. However, for a successful experience, visitors should do their bit to stay safe during the entire time. A little preparation can go a long way in ensuring your kids and family safety. And while that’s all important, don’t forget to create memories that you will cherish for a lifetime. We hope you found this article helpful. If there’s anything you would like to share, you can comment your thoughts below.