Your Dream Landscapes Are a Reality with Silk Trees and Plants – Here’s How

*This is a collaborative guest post from ThermaLeaf*

Trees and plants have been decorating the surroundings of human habitats for a long time. Nowadays these are also commonly considered when decorating commercial spaces. If your business place is well decorated, this is sure to pay dividends in many ways. Many studies show positive indications that humans feel more relaxed and comfortable when they are closer to the nature. When a commercial property or building is decorated with a good landscape, it not only enhances the mood of the people around, but also improves the productivity of the business.

Creating a commercial landscape is totally different from landscaping your home. The main purpose of designing a decent landscape in your professional space is to create a buzz or a great atmosphere which will hopefully attract more crowds. If you can’t think of something outside of the box, you may not be able to survive the competition. Whatever landscaping you do it has to be perfect, captivating and perhaps most importantly – be easy to look after.

For maximum benefit, both the exterior and interior of a business could to embellished with greenery and landscaping elements. Artificial outdoor plants and trees are great options for an impressive outdoor area. When your commercial setting has an appealing exterior, people are more likely to stop for a while. Combined with a well designed interior and good indoor landscaping, this is sure to attract new customers and keep the existing ones loyal; a prime requirement of a successful business. Let’s have a look at how the fake botanical products can make a commercial space delightful for its customers.

The first impression counts

Love at first sight also applies well in the commercial arena. Creating enchanting landscapes in and around the commercial space will entice the onlookers. When you introduce fake landscaping products in any commercial space, it gives a new and fresh look. If you are considering revamping of the reception area, lobbies of corporate houses or elevating a hospital cabin, these work great.

You can use artificial trees and plants in a variety of settings

A green commercial landscape is a perfect mood enhancer, and fake landscaping elements are often the best choice when considering decoration for restaurant of big sizes. These can be beautifully used in any type of commercial spaces. Whether you are landscaping massive corporate buildings, municipal offices, shopping malls, theme parks, amusement parks, private hospitals, luxury hotels or any other type of commercial setting, the artificial hedge panels can be very handy for creating pathways and adorning the lobbies and windowsills.

Better than the live counterparts

Natural trees and plants can be very fragile, and require a large deal of maintenance. Using fake landscaping elements is a smart choice for the following reasons:

  • No dedicated maintenance is required.
  • No withering or shedding of leaves.
  • They maintain their shine for a long time, while the natural plants may lose that for many reasons.
  • These never outgrow the place of installation, and so no pruning is required.
  • They never die, so seasonal replacement is not required.
  • Independent of soil and sunlight; can be installed in dimly lit indoors.
  • Do not attract insects and, therefore, cause no disturbance.

Pick any varieties you like

Silk Trees and Plants have many varieties. Depending on your landscaping theme, you can choose from the following varieties:

  • Trees: in form of pine trees, tropical trees, bamboo trees, etc.
  • Plants: as grasses, flowering plants, cactus & succulents, and bushes.
  • Artificial topiary of many shapes
  • Palms such as coconut, areca, date etc.
  • Foliage: Moss, mats, hanging bushes, stems & picks etc.

They are meticulously crafted

All artificial trees and plants including the fake trees for outdoors and fake palm trees for inside are crafted with utmost care and attention. Being manufactured from high quality silk foliage and premium grade colour pigments; these are the exact replication of their natural counterparts and are visually indistinguishable.

Safe and legal

The fake plants are manufactured using innovative ThermaLeaf technologies, by injecting special fire retardant chemicals during the manufacturing process. These meet the required fire laws and the fire retardant trees pass all fire tests, making these both safe and legal for commercial indoors and outdoors.

No worry of loosing shine

As fade resistant chemicals are used in manufacturing the silk bamboo trees and other artificial trees and plants, these maintain their lush green appearance for quite a long period, relieving you from the worries of replacement.

Very easy to install

The great advantage of the silk artificial trees and plants is that they are available in standard pots. Once you are sure on your requirements, you can procure and install them manually in your commercial space without any accessories.

You can get them customised

While the artificial trees and plants are available in many varieties, shapes, and sizes to fit almost all indoor and outdoor locations, you can also get plants tailored to fit your specific landscaping dream to make your commercial space a stand out setting.

Easily interchangeable

As they come with standard bases, the fake plants and topiaries etc are absolutely portable. You can install them where ever you like and can also easily move them around to create a new look for your business landscapes without any extra cost.

You can get a mesmerising landscape

Many customers will be aesthetically oriented. They definitely like places with good ambience and these are the places they return to. Besides revamping your commercial exterior with artificial trees and plants, you can also use silk imitation bonsai trees for adorning your indoors to create truly beautiful spaces.

Onetime investment

Our fake landscaping products can create a beautiful green environment for your premises all round the year. As these are independent of changes in weather conditions and can stay in good condition for a long time, they are a  one time investment for your business.

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