Self Care & Filling Your Cup

I posted this as an Instagram post a few months ago, but I think it’s a message we all need reminding of from time to time – especially me.

Self Care

Self care has become such a ‘thing’ hasn’t it? Mostly sponsored by Lush bubble baths and getting your hair and nails done, but those are really privileges a lot of us don’t have and not always really what the meaning of ‘self care’ truly is.

A lot of it is dictated by circumstance. Some of us are able to use some spare cash to do something luxurious, some of us don’t find that quite so simple. Some of us have family and friends who can pitch in and help us get an hour kid free, some of us aren’t even able to poo in peace. Whether short on alone time or cash, we don’t all have the ability to spend a few hours on ourselves, and that’s not really the meaning of self care to me anyway. When I asked a while ago on Instagram what people do for themselves when they are having a low day, the responses were really interesting. The act of being kind to yourself obviously means so many different things to different people, and it seems to me that it’s essential that you discover exactly what fills your cup.

Whichever camp you fall in, it’s always hard to prioritise yourself over your mile long to do list. But self care doesn’t need to mean candle lit baths and beauty treatments. For some of us self care is ordering a takeaway to save yourself from cooking again, and for some of us it’s preparing a healthy meal to eat because it’s been a while since we ate something green. For some of us it’s actually remembering to eat anything at all. For some it’s allowing yourself to stay in bed all day, because that’s what your body is crying out for, and for some of us it’s forcing yourself to get up and showered because that’s what your mental health needs. Lots of people mentioned getting outside and into nature – for a walk/jog/run, alone or with friends, while others opt to hibernate inside on the sofa with a blanket and Netflix, either alone or with a best mate. Some crave ten minutes of silence to just breath, and some crave a ten minute kitchen disco to the loudest

music your neighbours will put up with.

Fill Your Cup

I often say I hate cringey quotes but one I do live by is ‘You can’t pour from an empty cup’, which is actually less wanky quote and more absolute fact. If your cup isn’t full, if you are emotionally or physically drained, you can’t give your best to the people who really need you. So whether you fill your cup with a new hair cut and a Lush bath, a walk in the woods or hiding in the bathroom for 5 minutes with one of the kid’s chocolate bars – I truly hope you find some time to fill your cup today.

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