Random Acts of Kindness Week 2017 – A Week of Giveaways

I am a huge advocate of kindness. I truly believe that raising children who are kind, and who understand the joy of being kind, is on of our most important responsibilities as mothers. Showing kindness, empathy, generosity and compassion to others wherever and whenever we can makes the world a much better place. An act of kindness, whether big or small, has so much power. The power to make a person smile, to make their day a little brighter, to make them feel more valued, loved or worthwhile. The power to encourage others to spread more kindness, make more people smile, brighten more days. Just one act of kindness creates a ripple that will continue to spread and to grow for longer than we can comprehend, meaning the smallest of actions can have a huge impact.

Random Acts of Kindness Week 2017

February 12th – 18th is Random Acts of Kindness week, an annual opportunity to spread as much kindness as you can. All week from Sunday 12th, I will be hosting daily giveaways over on my social media accounts and hoping to encourage others to spread a little kindness wherever they can too.

Every morning I will post information about the prizes for that day’s competition and how to enter here so make sure you’ve signed up to my mailing list to be the first to find out how to win it all! Entry will be via my Facebook or Instagram page so go follow us on there if you haven’t already. There are some really amazing brands and shops involved, featuring prizes for all ages, so make sure you don’t miss out.

If you’re planning any random acts of kindness use the hashtags #thejoyofbeingkind and #RAKWeek2017 over on Instagram so I can check them out and we can inspire others to do the same!

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