YOU: • are the kindest, most polite little boy I’ve ever known • have fully mastered the use of please, thank you and you’re welcome which is just the sweetest thing • make a lasting impression on everyone you meet • love baked beans, kale crisps and rocket ice lollies (not together) • have a developing passion for photography, constantly taking pictures of your animals or your food on your little camera • love animals of all kinds, dinosaurs and motorbikes • are always asking to bake biscuits • make me drive past the digger near our house every time we go out, and if I drive the wrong way you notice straight away and make me turn around • have three best friends – Olive, Beau and Alfie who you ask to see nearly every day • are surrounded by so many people who love you dearly 

ME: • happiest I’ve ever been • feeling grateful for all the good eggs in my life • still firmly believing everything happens for a reason, and good things happen to good people – eventually • can’t believe what a wonderful little person I’m raising • so incredibly excited for summer fun • constantly wondering where time goes • still trying to perfect being a domestic goddess but I think my washing pile is too big to qualify 

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