Peace & Quiet: Advice For Ensuring Your Toddler Sleeps Soundly

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Lots of children struggle to sleep all the way through the night during their toddler years. That can become a real pain for parents who just want to relax after a long day at work. The last thing you want to be doing is getting up in the middle of the night to discover your child is playing with the Lego in their room. They will end up feeling tired in the morning, and that will cause upset in the household. Considering that, there is some fantastic advice on this page that should help to point all parents in the right direction. If you struggle to get your toddler to sleep at night, and find it impossible to keep them in their beds until the morning: put some of these tips into action.

Stick to the same bedtimes every night

Firstly, it’s essential that all parents attempt to get their children into a bedtime routine. That means making sure they get changed into their pyjamas and climb into bed at the same times every single night. Not only will that encourage the little one to fall asleep without too much hassle; the routine will also benefit them in later life. Research shows that people who didn’t have a decent habit when they were young will struggle with their sleeping patterns forever. Depending on individual circumstances, most parents should think about sending toddlers to bed at some point between 7pm and 9pm. That will ensure the loved one can sleep for eight hours or more before they have to get up and go to nursery.  

Improve the environment in their bedroom

Sometimes the bedroom environment and atmosphere you create can play a role in getting your child to sleep. For example, you’ll want to make sure it’s never too hot or too cold. For the best results, invest in a thermometer and hang it on the wall near the door to their room. You can check the temperature every time you walk past, and turn the heating up or down if you need to make changes. You also need to ensure your child’s bedroom is not damp or too light. Hang some thick curtains at the windows, and buy a nightlight, so your little one doesn’t have to use a bedside lamp or something similar. Parents who do that should notice an improvement within a couple of weeks.

Purchase a cot bed

Toddlers tend to move from cots to beds as they grow. However, that can become an issue for some children. For the first few years of their lives, the little ones get used to sleeping in a structure that has sides to keep them secure and safe. When you switch to a standard bed, the child will often feel disorientated, and they might even fall out sometimes. Still, there is a solution and one that you need to consider. Cuckoolands cots and cot beds are excellent because they come benefit from an innovative design. It’s possible to find products that function like beds, but that still have some support at the sides. You should use items of that nature as a stepping stone to putting your child in a regular single bed. They will find the transition much easier if you do that.

Play soothing sounds or music into their room

Many adults like listening to relaxing animal sounds of music when they want to unwind and get to sleep. So, it stands to reason that children would also benefit according to Mind Motivations and other specialists. Do your little one a favour and place some speakers in their bedroom so you can provide them with some calming noise whenever they struggle to get to sleep. You could even invest in some young people’s hypnosis CDs if you think they might make a difference. The best thing about that idea is that you will block out any background sounds and ensure your child can drift off peacefully.

So, you just have to put some of those ideas into practice if you want to give your toddler the best night’s sleep possible. Just remember that children between the ages of two and five tend to encounter teething pain during the night. For that reason, you must take your child to see a dentist or doctor if you’re concerned the discomfort is keeping them awake. Also, try to move around the house as silently as possible because some children become light sleepers, and your movements could play a role in stopping them from getting to sleep. Whatever happens, always remember to read your loved one a story and kiss them goodnight before you turn the lights out.

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