Keeping in Touch With Elderly Relatives

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During the lockdown, it’s incredibly important to ensure that our elderly relatives are able to keep in touch with us. There are some simple ways you can stay in touch with your relatives and in this guide we’ll take you through the best and easiest ways we can keep in communication.

Video Calling

Video calling is one of the easiest ways we can not only stay in touch but keep visual contact with your relatives. Experts Fenetic Wellbeing have said it’s incredibly important for us to keep visual contact with our relatives. There’s video calling software online from website’s like Zoom where you can have multiple people in one call at any time. So you could have a full family party centred around your elderly relative to make sure they’re not on their own.

If they have access to an iPhone, you could also use FaceTime if you want a one on one call with your relative. Video calling is a great way for them to see not only you but also their grandchildren. It gives a sense of normality and gives your grandchildren a chance to speak to them as well.

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Sometimes, elderly people will feel more comfortable or have the technology available to use email. It’s a good way to not only stay in touch but also to send picture of what you and your family are doing during the lockdown. You can also send pictures of artwork that your kids have made for their grandparents. Laptop keyboards are sometimes easier to navigate than mobile phone keyboards than can be small and fiddly to use.

Phone Call

One of the more traditional methods to stay in touch is via a phone call. As simple as it may seem, sometimes it’s the only way we have to communicate with our elderly relatives. Those that have bee deemed high risk are sometimes unable to go and do their own shopping. It may be vital for a quick conversation that phone calls are made accessible and available. You may need to visit the supermarket for them, so they need a way to contact you so you can undertake simple tasks for them.

So there we have it, these are the best ways that you can stay in contact with your elderly relatives. Now more than ever it’s vital that we do, to ensure that during this lockdown period no one is left on their own. If you have any more suggestions of ways to stay in touch, feel free to comment below. I’d love to hear your ideas!

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