How To Keep Your Dog Happy

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Most dogs are happy little (or big!) creatures. They’re unique and amazing pets simply because they get so excited to see their favourite humans every time. It doesn’t matter if you’re coming home from a long day at work or a quick trip to the corner shop; your dog’s tail is going to be wagging when they see you, and you simply can’t rival that kind of friendship. But what really makes a happy dog? Whether you’re in the process of bringing a new dog home from a rescue centre and want to give them the happiest life ever or you just want to make things even better for your dog, here are some tips.

A Good Diet:

What your dog eats has a huge effect on many other aspects of their lives. The type of food that you give your dog will affect their energy levels, coat condition, how gassy they are, and even the firmness of their poop. A dog on a poor-quality diet is more likely to be sluggish with a dull and lifeless coat, compared to a dog who is getting all the nutrients that she needs. She will have more energy and her coat will be noticeably shinier. Try this raw diet for dogs from Bella & Duke. It’s tailored to your dog and comes pre-packaged, so it’s really easy to feed. Get more info here:

Lots of Exercises:

A happy dog is a tired dog, so make sure that your pooch has plenty of chances to get rid of all that energy that he has been building up throughout the day. This could be a couple of long walks, an off-lead run at the dog park or a few hours playing with their friends at a doggy daycare centre. The worst thing that you can do for your dog is to have them cooped up all day with nothing to do; this is a sure way to make your dog bored and irritable. Come up with plenty of ways for your dog to run around, have fun, and move their body. This will, of course, vary on their breed; some dogs might be tired after a half-hour stroll in the park while others will need a high-energy agility session.

Plenty of Training:

Your dog will get frustrated if they are not sure what they are meant to be doing – and so will you, turning it all into a vicious cycle that’s difficult to get out of without the right training. Most dogs are very trainable creatures and love learning something new, so use this to your advantage. Training doesn’t have to stop after puppy classes; look for new things for your dog to learn and keep them mentally active as well as physically active.

When it comes to keeping your dog happy, these are the basic foundations. If your dog’s eating well, well-trained and getting plenty of exercise, everything else will fall into place,and you’ll notice that your dog is happier and healthier than ever.

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