It’s The Little Things Linky 6/52: Linky Party

Week 6 of this feature and I’m still really loving taking some time to focus on all the lovely things we’ve done over the week. It’s really teaching me to appreciate the little things and I’m so glad Jodie (Dear Little Daisy) and I started this project! Here’s some things that have made me smile this week..

It’s The Little Things

  • Wonderful friends – over the weekend I published one of the most honest posts I’ve written for a while and the response has been incredible. It’s just so lovely having this wonderful tribe of people in my phone who truly understand and support each other. It’s just the most amazing thing
  • Snow drops and warmer weather – it seems to be warming up a little bit and I even heard an ice cream van the other day!! So excited for spring and love spotting all the snow drops around, a beautiful hint at what’s to come!
  • Skin to skin – Dil is currently on some sort of pyjama strike so he’s sleeping naked and it’s really reminded me that the benefits of skin to skin never stop. Cuddled up next to me now, it’s like he’s my little baby again and it’s lovely.
  • Vlogging – so I published our first Days Out With Dilan vlog this week too, and we actually had so much fun making it! I’m really pleased with how it came out since it was my first try, can’t wait to do some more! I’m totally in awe of the amazing vlogs Jodie creates, total video goals!!
  • Watching Dil around other children – My mama heart has nearly burst so many times this week. From him comforting his friends who are sad to his reassuring them that they don’t need to be afraid, it gets me every time. It’s so reassuring to know I must be doing something right for him to the amazingly kind and caring little boy that he is.

Last Week’s Favourites

I can’t really explain how heart warming it is seeing you all link up each week. When we first started this linky we both said “what if nobody joins in?!” but we have been lucky enough to create a really lovely community of people being brought together by these wonderful little things.

Last week was a really tough week for Emily from Ella’s Abode as her mother in law’s house was burgled. I can’t imagine how awful it must be to have your space violated like that but they have managed to find some good. Family, friends and neighbours quickly joined forces to help get things back to normal, and there a really lovely thing.

Pickle and Poppet told the sweetest story about Rueben saving his ‘P’ potato for his Nana because she has a P in her name. So adorable, and exactly the kind of stuff this linky is all about.

And last week Mama Cat and Baby Bee‘s post summed it up best for me – “Writing about my little things each week, has really changed my perspective. I search for them. And I find them in places I least expect. I look at things differently, through a brighter filter. I really notice.”


Over to you! What have you loved this week? What’s made you smile? Link up your posts below and join the linky party to share the joy of your week.


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Dilan and Me

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  1. 22nd February 2017 / 9:43 pm

    I saw your post and remember thinking that it must have been a difficult one to write because of how honest it was. You really have been through a lot, Dilan has a strong mumma!
    He sounds like such a lovely little boy, and very caring! #itsthelittlethingslinky

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