How to Wear Your Favourite Slogan T-Shirts

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T-shirts are one of the most versatile items of clothing in my wardrobe. The same slogan t-shirt can be worn so many different ways, depending on what kind of mood you’re in. ‘Jeans and a nice top’ is the ultimate easy, classic look that’s easy to dress up or down for any occasion. Wear your t-shirt with a leather jacket, heels and some jewellery for a night out (if you can remember what those feel like in this pandemic world we’re living in currently), or with baggy ripped jeans to keep it more casual. A loose t-shirt and trackies is a comfy day time look, and my signature aesthetic since Lockdown 1.0, or wear your t-shirt with a floaty midi skirt for a something that feels a bit more dressed up. Here are some of my go to ways to wear my favourite t-shirts.

Fake Crop

I absolutely love wearing cropped tees with high waisted trousers and skirts. I love the way it looks on my body and it’s definitely one of my go to outfits. But I know that some people feel apprehensive or self conscious about wearing stuff like that because of body insecurities. A great way to try out this look without splashing out on a new top, and something I do a lot if I have a top I like that isn’t cropped, is to tuck the t-shirt into my bra to give it a fake cropped look. Simply tuck the bottom of the top into your bra all the way around to turn your favourite t-shirt into a cropped one, so now you can give it a try and see how it feels!

Another good way to give a longer t-shirt a more fitted or cropped look is to gather the tee around your waist into a pony tail at the front, twist the tail all the way up and then poke the end through to hold into place.

Tucked In

Another way I like to wear t-shirts is to tuck them into jeans or trackies, but again this is something people often avoid because of insecurities. If tucking your t-shirt in makes you feel a bit exposed then try throwing a cardigan or jacket on top for a little extra coverage. Even adding a scarf can make you feel a little better if you’re feeling self conscious.

Over or Under a Dress

If you’re looking for a new way to wear your favourite t-shirt, why not experiment with putting it over or under a summer dress. This is a fun and different way to wear your tee, and a great way to carry on wearing your summer dresses in the colder months. If you have a strappy slip dress put your t-shirt underneath for a fun look, or wear it over the top to create the look of a new skirt.

With Leggings

Leather look leggings are my current favourite thing, and they look great with a long line t-shirt and boots or trainers. This also looks great with regular leggings, but I think leather look ones give the outfit a bit more of an edge, and they make me feel a bit fancy! Try this look with a long white t-shirt, or a band t-shirt for extra cool points, and again this is a great one to wear with a long cardigan or a coat if you’re feeling a little exposed and need to ease yourself into wearing t-shirts this way.

T-shirts are so easy to wear and style for so many different moods – what is your favourite way to wear yours? Will you try any of my t-shirt styling ideas?

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