Dream Dining Tables with Heals Furniture

Ah interiors… I’m developing a serious love hate relationship with interiors right now. I LOVE coming up with new ideas, thinking about different options, exploring online shops and Pinterest for products and inspiration. I HATE having to actually commit to one choice – it’s too hard! I feel drawn to so many different looks for each room, how on earth am I supposed to commit to just one?! If you follow me on Instagram you’ll know that we’ve come a long way but we are currently in bathroom reno hell and all the tiny decisions (tile trim? silicon colour?! toilet roll holder???) are slowly killing me. I need to move on to something more fun, like look at large expensive pieces of furniture that I neither need nor can afford…

Kitchen Diner

Next up after the bathroom (hopefully eventually it will be finished…) is the stairs and the kitchen. The kitchen is the biggest room in the house – it’s a kitchen diner with a good amount of space, so the potential is endless. This is a good thing, it is, the space could be great if I get it right, but oh my god endless possibility when you are severely decision-fatigued and on a budget = not ideal. I love everything, a whole variety of different looks and styles – so how can I possibly choose just one?! I combat this feeling by browsing websites for things I either don’t really need or can’t actually afford which is basically like a hobby to me, in much the same way that people scour Rightmove for houses when they aren’t even looking to move. With that in mind let’s take a look at some dreamy dining room tables that would fit beautifully in any of the eat in kitchens on my Pinterest board. If you do happen to be in the market for a beautiful high quality dining room table then this might be useful, and if you aren’t then you can be like me and just enjoy it as interior escapism.


Heal’s, originally a London mattress manufacturer, has been providing London with high quality sofas, beds and other household items since 1810. Now with 6 stores across England it is a beautiful furniture and homewares store, with everything you’d ever need to create a lovely home including some exquisite made to order pieces. Here’s a few of my favourite dining table options from their gorgeous store.

Big Family Dining

Nothing says dreamy dining to me more than a vast space, filled with gorgeous tableware, opulent decoration, delicious food and smiling happy faces. I’m thinking huge family roasts on a Sunday, crowded Christmas dinners and exciting birthday teas – the stuff you grow up and remember fondly. My dream dining room table would be big – large enough to welcome a huge family and unexpected guests with ease, enough space for the kids to spread out their homework and art projects once the plates have been put away. This stunning, hand carved Boss Executive 8-10 seater in gorgeous walnut fits the bill most definitely.


To go along with my vision of a gorgeous table crowded with family and friends I imagine flexible seating arrangements. Lovely big benches crammed full with little ones, always with room for one more. This Porada Webby 1 Bench suits my style perfectly with its dark walnut wood and luxurious green velvet, and equally I love this Betty Bench in walnut and brown leather.

For a Smaller Space

Although for me a huge table is the dream, not many of us are lucky enough to have huge eat in kitchens or fancy dining rooms (and those of us that do tend to sacrifice them as play rooms in an attempt to contain the mess), so something smaller is a little more realistic. Something I really like, and what I have actually opted for in my real life kitchen diner is a round table, which seems to fill the space nicely without taking up loads of room. As it’s usually just the two of us it’s lovely and cosy to sit around the table, and ours does have an extending leaf should we ever need some more room. This Cross Round Dining Table in oak, which can comfortably fit 6-8 chairs around it, is a great example of functionality and design.


If you’re on Instagram or Pinterest at all then you’ve probably been unable to avoid spotting some Ercol as the MCM (mid century modern) trend is still booming. I do love Ercol pieces and this classic Originals Plank Table along with the Colour Finish Loveseat are definitely also on my dream wish list.

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