Creating Perfect Graduation Invitations with Basic Invite

Planning an event can be stressful – you want everything to be totally perfect but there is so much to do, and so many decisions to make. From the guest list to the venue, theme and decorations, food, drink and more – there are a lot of boxes to tick on the to do list! Luckily there are things you can do to make your life a little easier; to make the whole event run a little smoother and reduce your stress levels slightly. Basic Invite is a brilliant website dedicated to helping you create professional looking stationery for events, everything from graduation invitations, save the date cards and baby announcements, and it’s the perfect way to create something to send to your special guests.

Graduation Invitations party template from Basic Invite

Create Graduation Invitations

Browse the Basic Invite website to choose from 100s of template designs, and with over 180 colours to choose from the colour combinations are truly endless. Editing the graduation invitation party templates is easy, and previews are instant so you can be sure all of your choices are the right ones before you commit. The huge amount of choice means you can really create the perfect stationery to announce your special moment. We all dream of sending out perfect senior announcements, and Basic Invite makes it easy to create your exact vision.

Once you’ve finished creating your perfect graduation invitations or cute thank you cards, and picked from over 40 different envelope colours (!!), you’ll be able to order a printed sample to be sure everything from font size to paper quality is exactly the way you want it. It couldn’t be easier to create something that perfectly captures the vibe you want to convey, and get your friends and family really excited for what’s coming next.

Basic Invite even make posting your invites super easy with their free address collection service – collect addresses by sharing your personal link via social media/email or text and you can take advantage of their free envelope printing service for your graduation invitations. Basic Invite have made is so simple to create professional looking, high quality, really beautiful event stationery – there’s really no one better to trust with your graduation invitations.

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