Favourite Moments – Dilan Turns Three

Motherhood is the very definition of bittersweet. Every moment of joy and happiness comes with an after taste of heartbreak. That first roll, first step, first word – they are all such incredible moments that we quite rightly celebrate. But they are also tiny little reminders that your baby is growing up, changing rapidly and time is passing you by. The only way to survive is to live firmly in the present, truly enjoying the right now and holding on tightly to the memories you’re making. Savour every moment because they only last a second. 

I really can’t believe I now have a three year old. Part of me feels like I’ve been a mother forever, and the other part feels like it’s gone by in an instant. Last night I wrote a letter to my almost three year old and today I’m sharing some of the gorgeous photos Adam (Mr. Adam Robertson) took last week on Holme Beach to celebrate Dil’s birthday. I hope you love them as much as I do. 


  1. 21st November 2016 / 9:51 pm

    Oh these are really special photos. Lovely to see the ones of you together too. Happy birthday Dilan!

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