Vlog: Our Dairy Free Journey – Breastfeeding With CMPA

Being the mum of a child with food allergies can be really tough. It can be overwhelming, worrying, and often quite isolating as you compare your life to the lives of ‘normal’ mums. A piece I wrote for the Huffington Post last week – Dear The Other Mothers, resulted in so many messages from other mums, thanking me for putting their feelings into words and it was really really lovely to know I had reassured them that they aren’t alone.

“How do I explain how envious I am of you, the other mothers, with normal children.

I watch you as you enter the park, or arrive at a busy soft play centre. Your children immediately run off into the chaos to have some fun while you order a coffee and find a seat. You chat to your friends about your day and you relax, knowing your child is having a great time. You glance towards them occasionally but you don’t need to worry. Soft play is not a risk to you. The park doesn’t contain any dangers. Your children are happy and they are safe.”

Check out last week’s vlog from my YouTube channel, all about our experiences with CMPA; including Dil’s symptoms, diagnosis, how we coped and where we are now.


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