Dairy Free Christmas: Survival Guide for an Allergy Friendly Christmas – Dairy & Soya Free

Christmas is definitely one of the hardest times to be dairy free. Dealing with advent calendars, selection boxes, family meals, cheese boards (oh man the cheese boards). It’s really difficult. The best thing you can do to survive a dairy free Christmas is be prepared with alternatives and ask your friends and family to stock up on safe treats for you.

This is our third Christmas dealing with allergies and every year it definitely gets easier, as more safe treats seem to fill the shelves. There’s no need to spend this festive season feeling like you’re missing out, or for you to feel like your little one is either. Here are my top dairy and soya free Christmas alternatives, and I’ll be updating this as regularly as I can as we get closer to December, and as I tour all the supermarkets!

Don’t forget to check out the Dairy and Soya Free Treat List as all the usual alternatives and treats will still be available, plus find all my dairy and soya free recipes here.

Dairy Free Christmas: Advent Calendars

As usual if you’re just dairy free, or if you’re ok with soya lecithin you should be able to find a suitable advent calendar in most supermarket free from sections.

If you’re looking for dairy and soya free then the Moo Free advent calendar is a great choice, or there’s the Holland & Barrett Dairy Free calendar. Cocoa Loco is doing a delicious looking 12 Days of Christmas block too.

Alternatively there are an increasing number of non-food advent calendars for sale, such as any of the Playmobil advent calendars, the Play-Doh advent calendar, the Paw Patrol activity advent calendar or if you’re looking for non-chocolate there’s the Haribo calendar or a retro Swizzles one. Or you could consider making your own, and filling it with safe treats and personalised goodies. I like this Wooden advent calendar kit which you can decorate together, or IKEA has some lovely paper versions this year.

If you’re looking for a calendar for yourself rather than your little one there are plenty out there for adults this year, including this Yankee Candle advent calendar, or The Gin and Tonic advent calendar… get these on your christmas list ASAP!

Dairy Free Christmas Chocolate

If you’re ok with soya lecithin then there are some great options available from supermarket free from sections. Also definitely check out these rice milk chocolate Cocoa Libre Penguins and their dark chocolate bears. Tesco is stocking these Free From chocolate lollies too.

If you’re looking for more adult options check out Yumbles who feature some great dairy free chocolate christmas gifts including these lovely dark chocolate gift boxes.

Tesco has got a new Finest Free From Truffle Selection – ingredients currently unavailable so unsure if this contains soya.

—> Dairy and soya free options

Moo Free Mini Moos Santas

Plamil Selection Box

Plamil Dairy Free Snowmen – sold in trays and and bags

Aldi Dark Chocolate Reindeer

Cocoa Loco Dark Chocolate Santa Lollies

Tesco/Aldi/Sainsbury’s mint thins/orange thins

Dairy Free Christmas Cakes, Puddings and Treats

Waitrose Essential Mince Pies

Tesco Free From Mince Pies

Lidl Mince Pies

Vegan Baileys – currently available in Whole Foods or make your own with this really good recipe

Tesco Churros

Stollen is often dairy free so worth checking – especially Aldi/Lidl

Kuchenmeister stollen loaf (NOT bites – these contain milk)

Lots of gingerbread is dairy free – this Tesco Gingerbread kit only contains egg and wheat, Asda has a safe Gingerbread Christmas tree kit and IKEA currently has a dairy and soya free gingerbread house kit. These Tesco Christmas Mini Gingerbread biscuits only contain wheat.

Tesco Free From Christmas Pudding

Tesco Christmas Marzipan Fruits

Tesco Syrup Sponge Pudding and the Raspberry Sponge Pudding

Almond Ricciarelli


Dairy Free Christmas Drinks

(Aka Baileys alternatives!)

Baileys Almande – available from Whole Foods. Keep your expectations low. It’s ok but it doesn’t taste the same

M&S Gold Creme Brulee Liquer

M&S Vegan Chocolate and Coconut Liquer

Besos de Oro

Dairy Free Christmas Baking

Asda Christmas Jumper Shortbread Kit

Tesco Christmas Cake Mix (make using suitable alternative butter)

Tesco Christmas Jumper Biscuit Kit

Tesco Free From 3D Gingerbread Star Kit

Mince Pies and Jam Tarts are very easy to make using Jus Roll pastry which is dairy & soya free, and either mincemeat or jam. I like to top mine with stars or festive Christmas trees like the jam tarts in this Valentine’s Day Baking post

These Peanut Butter cookies look great in a jar and given as a gift to friends and family – make them egg free by substituting the egg for 3 tbsp of aquafaba

Our Favourite biscuit recipe is dairy, egg and soya free, and perfect to cut into loads of Christmas themed shapes

Dairy Free Christmas Sweets

Most sweet brands will bring out Christmas themed versions over the festive period. Our favourites are Haribo and Jelly Babies.

Most supermarkets will stock Christmas themed marshmallows, like these Snowman shaped marshmallows from Asda. They tend to also stock festive jelly sweets which make great stocking stuffers. I spotted this Santa’s Beard lolly in Asda too.

Other Dairy Free Christmas Themed Items

Asda Christmas Tree Shaped Crumpets

Tesco Christmas Chicken Trees

Tesco Christmas Potato Shapes

Tesco Free From Bread Sauce

Tesco Free From Sage & Onion Stuffing (top allergen free)

If you’re OK with soya…

Tesco Free From Chocolate Gateaux (lecithin)

Tesco Free From Chocolate Melt in the Middle Pudding (lecithin)

Tesco Free From Banoffee Dessert (soya flour)

Tesco Free From Chocolate Sponge Pudding (lecithin)

Tesco Free From Mac and Cheese (soya milk)

Tesco Free From Chocolate Brownie Christmas Pudding Kit (lecithin)

Tesco Free From Chocolate Pot (lecithin)

Tesco Free From Chocolate Brownie Christmas Pudding Kit (lecithin)

Tesco Free From Eclairs (lecithin)

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