Car Safety – Safe Driving in London

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Living out in the middle of no where in Norfolk, and working as a self employed blogger who has to frequently attend events around the country means I do a lot of miles in the car. There’s a running joke around Norfolk that pretty much everything is an hour away. Blogging is a career that I adore, but a large percentage of successful bloggers live in or near to London, and most of the events that I’m often asked to attend are in the capital. At first I found driving in London itself quite intimidating, but now it’s something I’ve really got used to. Whether you’re driving around the Norfolk countryside or you’re driving around London city, car safety is always the main concern. As parents our cars are often carrying incredibly precious cargo (the kids!) and so doing everything we can to stay safe in the car is important. Here are some easy tips for keeping all of your passengers safe while you’re driving around London or out on a road trip anywhere else in the UK.

Car seats and seat belts

Wearing a seat belt is a no brainer – it will save your life if the worst was to happen, and it’s illegal to drive without one. For the kids, make sure they are in appropriate car seats – that means being aware of their weight and height when they begin to reach the upper limits of their current seats. Make sure they do not wear coats or heavy layers in the car, and that their straps are pulled tight. Personally I am a huge advocate for extended rear facing which will keep your little ones 500% safer. Dilan was in a Britax rear facing car seat until he was 5.5, and I always felt really happy in the knowledge that he was as safe as possible in the car.

Keep your car in good condition

Keeping your car in good condition – getting it serviced regularly and making sure any necessary repairs are done quickly and properly, will mean your car is as safe as it can be on the road. Listen out for any strange noises or anything that doesn’t feel quite right and make sure you get it checked out ASAP. A decent car garage should be happy to check your vehicle over if you have any concerns. If you’re looking for a good car servicing garage is London you should visit Iverson Tyres.

Check your tyres regularly

Tyre care is so important, and keeping them in good condition means you’ll be a lot safer on the roads around London. Keep an eye on your tyre pressure – this will help to keep your vehicle safe as well as improving fuel economy and helping make sure their wear evenly. Tyre treads are something that should also be checked regularly, as tread that is too thin puts you at risk of a tyre blow out – not good. Plus there is a fine if you’re caught with tyre treads below the legal minimum of 1.6mm – which is actually much lower than you should ever let them get.

Avoid distractions

Easier said than done with small children around of course, but avoid any distractions that will keep you from giving the road your full attention – especially when driving through London or another busy city. Avoid making phone calls (even if you’re using hands free!) so you can concentrate on your surroundings. Keep the kids busy to keep any back seat squabbling down to a minimum – here’s some top tips for family road trips.

Don’t stress

Ultimately whilst driving the goal is to stay calm, and stay safe. Leave yourself plenty of time to reach your intended destination, so you’ve got no added stress or need to rush. Pay attention to the roads you’re on, the cars around you and signage to ensure you’re in the right lane. As long as you are relaxed and alert, and your vehicle is in a good safe condition then you’re very likely to have a problem free journey!


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