5 Tips to Make Your Bathroom Look More Luxurious

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Does your bathroom look cheap and boring? Do you feel like re-decorating your bathroom could end up costing a ridiculous amount? There are actually a number of ways to enhance the look of your bathroom without breaking the bank. To help you create a luxury haven, read these top tips which will help you achieve your dream bathroom on a budget.

Keep colours simple

A busy bathroom can sometimes appear cheap and tacky, so instead you may want to opt for neutral colours like blue, green and white. The latter also works well with black to create a great monochrome style which oozes sophistication. This replicates the decor in luxury hotels, which will ultimately transform your bathroom. For palette inspiration, you should take a look at property expert RW Invest, who has several luxury apartments which feature high-end looking bathrooms. This is a great selling point for their tenants – who doesn’t want to bathe in a deluxe bathroom?

Unique decoration

While your colours should stay simple the rest of the decor, like your mirrors should be a bit more extravagant. Instead of a boring old square mirror, you could swap it out for a more unique piece. An adventurous option would be to update your old mirror with some rope or paint to add a bit of flair to your bathroom and make your mirror stand out.

If you’re not the creative type, you could instead find a great budget mirror in your local charity shop or even hunt down a bargain in your favourite furniture shop.

Extravagant lighting

Forget boring old ceiling lights, which are used in almost every bathroom. Instead, you could consider purchasing a more outlandish lighting piece, such as a hanging lantern, which can be used as a focal point. This will not only brighten up your bathroom but will also add much-needed character. You could also consider installing some mood lighting, which will create the perfect ambience in your bathroom – especially when you’re enjoying a nice relaxing bath. Both of these lighting fixtures combined will help enhance your bathroom entirely, giving it a luxurious and comforting feel.

Photo by intan Indiastuti on Unsplash

Bring the outside in

Some of the most luxurious bathrooms feature an element of nature. This could include real or fake plants. or even floral-related artwork, which will help create the botanical bathroom of your dreams. Adding plants will also help you enhance the natural light in your bathroom, which will create a sense of serenity and make you feel more relaxed. It also has great Feng Shui benefits, as plants represent tranquillity and freshness, which is exactly what you want your bathroom to feel like.

Add seating

Most deluxe bathrooms you come across will have some sort of seating area, with bigger bathrooms even featuring sofas. The use of furniture helps to create the ultimate sense of luxury by offering additional space to relax. Even if you have a small bathroom, you could create the same relaxing atmosphere by simply including a small stool or a pouffe which can be stored under a dresser. This will provide a place to do your makeup or give yourself a manicure, which is a great alternative to the toilet seat!

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