YOU: • STILL love being barefoot • think every sloped floor is a slide • can’t seem to decide if you want to be a doctor, a bin man or a dinosaur • ask to go to the park after 8pm every night • always have your hand in your pocket • everything is “super cool” or “soo cute” • love saying “I love you tooooo” and then tell me it makes mama happy when you say that. And it does • developing serious passions for duplo and jigsaw puzzles • obsessed with singing happy birthday and eating cake • have perfected an excellent stroppy teenager impression including folded arms and cross face • can never keep a straight face for too long though • excited by anything with a siren • fast becoming the most wonderful little boy in the world

 ME: • achieving things I never thought possible • learning that it’s ok to ask for help sometimes • remembering that a positive mindset can change everything and small acts of kindness go a long way • totally obsessed with your curly hair • letting go of things I can’t change • proud owner of a blog domain! • understanding the importance of leaving the house every single day • loving British summertime for what it is – completely unreliable, despite never knowing how to dress • forever grateful for the people close to us and the love they have for you • always excited for tomorrow 

Photography by Mr. Adam Robertson

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