157 Things To Do Before You’re Five

Today my tiny little baby turns 4 and a half – only 6 months away from 5, which feels like some sort of huge milestone. Five years we have shared together, five years which feel like they’ve been both incredibly long and unbelievably short. Five sees us really undeniably leave the baby and toddler stages behind, meaning I will be the proud mother of a proper little boy. For many children turning five means starting school, and entering a whole new huge chapter. When they are babies it’s so difficult to imagine them at any other age, so hard to think about what their little personalities might turn out to be. Now at nearly 5 I can hardly remember Dil any different to the way he is now; my perfect little opinionated, brave, boisterous, kind and considerate little boy.

Thinking about how fast the last 4.5 years has gone, and knowing how quickly the next 6 months will fly by, makes me want to really make the most of this special time. The time before he is more interested in computer games than spending time with me, the time before he will choose a day out with his friends over one with his Mama. I want to savour this time, while I’m still his whole world, because he will always be mine. I want to spend this time creating memories that will last a lifetime, memories than him and I will remember forever.

I already put together a list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30 and now I’m thinking about all the things Dil can do and experience before entering the next stage. Childhood is such a magical thing, and there are so many things that I believe are essential parts of experiencing that magic. This list is much more about memories, fun and embracing childhood than it is about gathering things – and I think a childhood filled with even half of them would be a childhood well spent.

  1. Bake a cake – and lick the spoon
  2. Blow out candles on a birthday cake
  3. Bake cookies
  4. Build a sofa fort
  5. Build something with Lego
  6. Carry out a random act of kindness
  7. Choose your own outfit
  8. Dance around the room
  9. Decorate some biscuits
  10. Donate some old toys
  11. Dress up in a costume
  12. Drive a car (pretend to!)
  13. Eat breakfast in bed
  14. Eat ice cream for breakfast
  15. Explore a forest
  16. Feed a goat
  17. Feed the ducks
  18. Get a (temporary) tattoo
  19. Get messy
  20. Get your face painted
  21. Get your feet measured
  22. Give a gift
  23. Go down a big slide
  24. Go on a road trip
  25. Go to a museum
  26. Go to a party
  27. Go to the cinema
  28. Have a bubble bath
  29. Have a food fight
  30. Have a midnight feast
  31. Have a pillow fight
  32. Have a sleepover
  33. Have an indoor picnic
  34. Help cook dinner
  35. Hold a bug
  36. Jump on the sofa
  37. Learn about animals
  38. Learn about birds
  39. Learn about bugs
  40. Learn about dinosaurs
  41. Learn some words in a new language
  42. Look after a pet
  43. Make a bird feeder
  44. Make a bug hotel
  45. Make a new friend
  46. Make your own pizza
  47. Make pancakes
  48. Make popcorn
  49. Make something with clay
  50. Make up a funny song
  51. Meet a hero
  52. Paint a picture
  53. Perform a show
  54. Play hide and seek
  55. Play hopscotch
  56. Play tag
  57. Post a letter
  58. Pretend to be a robot
  59. Read loads of books
  60. Ride a bike
  61. Ride on a bus
  62. Ride on a plane
  63. Ride on a roller coaster
  64. Ride on a train
  65. See a full moon
  66. Send a postcard
  67. Sing along to the radio
  68. Sleep downstairs
  69. Spot a wild animal
  70. Spot shapes in the clouds
  71. Spot a constellation
  72. Start saving money
  73. Stay in a hotel
  74. Stay up late
  75. Swing as high as you can
  76. Take a dog for a walk
  77. Take a photograph
  78. Tell a joke
  79. Tell a story
  80. Try a new food
  81. Use a hammer
  82. Visit a castle
  83. Visit a farm
  84. Visit a funfair
  85. Visit an arcade
  86. Visit the circus
  87. Visit the zoo
  88. Watch movies in bed
  89. Watch the stars
  90. Watch the sunrise
  91. Watch the sunset
  92. Wear odd socks
  93. Wear pyjamas to the shop
  94. Wash the dishes
  95. Go on an Easter egg hunt
  96. Pick wild flowers
  97. Plant some seeds
  98. Play football with your friends
  99. Roll down a hill
  100. Run through a field
  101. See a rainbow
  102. Spot some baby animals
  103. Blow dandelion clocks
  104. Fly a kite
  105. Blow bubbles
  106. Bounce on a bouncy castle
  107. Build a den
  108. Build a sandcastle
  109. Catch a fish
  110. Climb a tree
  111. Collect sea shells on the beach
  112. Drink a milkshake
  113. Eat an ice cream sundae
  114. Eat fish and chips at the seaside
  115. Forage for berries
  116. Go on a boat
  117. Go on a bug hunt
  118. Go on a nature walk
  119. Go on a picnic
  120. Grow your own veg
  121. Have a barbeque
  122. Have a water fight
  123. Jump in the pool
  124. Jump on a trampoline
  125. Jump over waves in the sea
  126. Learn to swim
  127. Pick your own fruit
  128. Play on a beach
  129. Sleep under the stars
  130. Splash in a paddling pool
  131. Swim in a river
  132. Wash a car
  133. Carve a pumpkin
  134. Collect conkers
  135. Get covered in mud
  136. Go trick or treating
  137. Hold a sparkler
  138. Jump in a puddle
  139. Jump in leaves
  140. Make mud pies and magic potions
  141. Play in a mud kitchen
  142. Play in the rain
  143. Toast marshmallows on a campfire
  144. Watch fireworks
  145. Build a snow man
  146. Decorate a Christmas tree
  147. Drink hot chocolate
  148. Have a snow ball fight
  149. Leave a snack out for Father Christmas and his reindeer
  150. Make bird feeder’s
  151. Make snow angels
  152. Meet Father Christmas
  153. Send a Christmas card
  154. Send a Valentine’s Day Card
  155. Watch a Christmas movie
  156. Watch a pantomime
  157. Wrap a present

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  1. 19th June 2018 / 2:50 am

    That was a pretty elaborate list. But, saving money was my favorite one. If the kids don’t learn the value of money and the importance of saving it, at an early age, then there is a good chance that they will spend their life spending mindlessly. Have you read “Rich Dad Poor Dad”? If not, then you definitely should.

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