Wedding Prep Checklist to Prevent Last-Minute Hassles

*This is a collaborative post*

Brides and grooms have a lot to handle before the big day. In fact, you may expect more stress than excitement when your wedding is around the corner. Thankfully, a little creativity and some assistance take you a long way with proper wedding prep. You can hire a professional or seek help from your loved ones or friends to plan the event without overburdening yourself. But double-checking the arrangements always makes sense because it reduces stress and ensures nothing is left out. Here is the ultimate wedding prep checklist that brides and grooms can rely on to prevent last-minute hassles.

Check-in with vendors

Typically, several vendors are a part of wedding preparation. You will have to collaborate with venue managers, caterers, chauffeurs, photographers, and personal stylists. Check-in with them a week before the event is the best way to stay ahead of any loose ends and miscommunication. Go over the wedding arrangements and discuss payment schedules to be on the same page. You may have a planner or friend overseeing things, but it is wise to check them yourself once.

Prepare for payments

Besides the final check-in with vendors and providers, you must be all set to pay them for their services. Most vendors work with advance payments, so you will only have to pay the balance amounts. Crunch the numbers and write your checks beforehand to skip complex calculations and enjoy the occasion to the fullest. You may even seek discounts from vendors by calling them before writing the checks.

Get the rings ready

Wedding rings are perhaps the most crucial part of the planning process because you want the perfect pieces to wear for a lifetime. Luckily, you can explore the option of custom wedding rings for her and him to buy perfect ones. But remember to discuss the timelines with your designer because they will probably need a few weeks to get the piece ready. As a rule, your rings must be packed a couple of weeks before the big day.

Pack your personal stuff a week ahead

Besides getting the rings ready, you must pack your personal stuff a week ahead. It includes your outfit, footwear, jewelry, and personal care essentials. Also, pack a separate bag for your first night with items like lingerie, perfumes, scented candles, and an outfit for a couple of days if you plan to stay in a hotel. You must carry extras of everything and create a packing checklist to avoid missing out on anything.

Relax and invest in self-care

Perhaps the most significant aspect of wedding prep is to relax and invest in self-care, but most brides and grooms fail to pay attention. Set aside a few days to pamper yourself with proper sleep, spa sessions, and loads of self-love. Avoid culprits like caffeine, fried food, sugar, and alcohol, as they may cause bloating and discomfort. Focus on making the most of the biggest occasion of your life!

Last-minute hassles can ruin your wedding, so you must go the extra mile to keep them at bay. Follow this simple checklist to enjoy, look your best, and make the day memorable for yourself and everyone around.