Twenty Wishes for 2017

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I’ve already written about the one promise I’m making this year, and posted our bucket list for 2017 but I really like the idea of putting these twenty wishes out into the universe and having a little hope and faith. Here are my twenty wishes for the next twelve months.

5 Personal Wishes

  1. To truly start to love myself, have faith in my abilities and be proud of my achievements. This is something I have always struggled with and I’m really hoping to start admiring myself more from now.
  2. To reach (and hopefully exceed) the business goals I have set myself, so that I can provide a comfortable life for my family without sacrificing time with my son.
  3. To have more happiness and laughter in my life than sad days. We all go through hard times but this year I’m hoping for less of that and more joy.
  4. To appreciate the small things. Dilan makes me laugh and smile every single day, we create wonderful memories just by doing nothing. I want to spend this year focusing on that and enjoying every moment
  5. To win the lottery. Hey it’s worth a shot right?!

5 Blog Wishes

  1. To continue to grow my knowledge and abilities. I’ve already learnt more and come further than I ever thought I would and it’s been brilliant.
  2. To have even more fun. Blogging has already brought us some amazing experiences and I hope that continues in 2017
  3. To improve my photography and editing skills. Adam takes the most incredible photographs and I am so lucky to have him around, but I would like to be a little more independent in this area
  4. To create more resources for the parents of children with CMPA. It’s still a huge part of our lives and I remember so clearly how overwhelming the diagnosis was, so I want to continue supporting parents going through the same things we have.
  5. To continue to get to know and meet more incredible people who’ve been brought into our lives by this blog or social media. I’ve made some incredible friends and met some inspiring women who I hope to see more of this year

5 Family Wishes

  1. Our family unit isn’t a very typical one and this year I’d like to finally accept that that’s okay. Although it isn’t a traditional set up it’s so so full of love and that’s all that matters to me
  2. I’m really hoping we manage to go on at least one family holiday, quite possibly two this year. I’d love to take Dilan away as he missed out last summer, and he would be so excited to go on an aeroplane.
  3. To spend more time focused on each other. It’s really hard sometimes, when you’re juggling children, housework, work work and everything else on your never ending to do list, to find time to just be together. Enjoy each other’s company. I definitely wish for more of that this year
  4. That Dil has a fantastic time when he starts forest school at Easter. Just thinking about not having him here with me all day makes me want to cry, but I know in my heart that I’ve found the most incredible place for him and he will absolutely thrive. Such a bittersweet milestone but knowing how much he’ll love it is enough for me.
  5. To capture more photos of us all together. Impossible quite often but I’m determined to try harder. I’ve been wanting to join in with the Me and Mine Project for so long, 2017 is the year I will make it happen!

5 Hopes

  1. I hope that the world I’m bringing up my children is will become a kinder and safer place this year. For some reason being a mother makes every tragedy and injustice hurt a little more, because I’m hurting for the future my son will have to live in
  2. I hope that my friends and family are surrounded by all the joy and happiness they deserve. There are so many special people in our lives who deserve everything they’ve ever dreamt of
  3. I hope I continue on my path towards a more minimalist kind of living. I want to focus more on people rather than things, only bringing things into our home that truly spark joy
  4. I hope that Dilan continues to be as loving as kind as he is now. I hope he knows how loved he is, by so many people and I hope he will grow up safe in the knowledge that I will always be behind him
  5. I hope that all of my wishes and dreams start to come true. I believe in fate, I believe that things happen for a reason and I truly truly hope that 2017 is the year it all starts to fall into place for us all.

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  1. 16th January 2017 / 8:20 am

    I’m not sure about the lottery but I’m sure your other wishes will come true. Your blog and your photography are going from strength to strength!

  2. 17th January 2017 / 9:12 am

    Such a wonderful post. I hope all your hopes, dreams & wishes come true x

  3. 20th January 2017 / 6:03 pm

    Gorgeous wishes, I hope that each and every one comes true for you and your family. I am also a huge believer in fate, here’s to a wonderful 2017. xxx

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