The Overwhelm

I posted this on social media 6 months ago, but I think it’s an important reminder for right now. Find more like this over on my Instagram and #notestomothers

The never ending to do list running through my mind every day —> Be a good mother. Keep the house clean. Do the washing. Eat well. Exercise. Pay the bills. Have a successful career. Be ambitious. Maintain (/find) a healthy relationship. Nurture friendships. Find time for me. Do the school run. Save the world. Stop using plastic. Do some self care. Love my body. Get enough sleep. Drink water. Put the washing away. Shop independent. Remember the bags. Save money. Dress well. Have fun. Be present. Make memories. Don’t fuck it up. Have a skin care routine. Be a good person. Take out the bins. Bath the child. Excel at every hobby I take on. Take on something else. “Find myself” again. Don’t forget about the washing…

Is it any wonder we are all exhausted??? Who can take on that much, and get all of it right 100% of the time? And that’s without all the other crap life likes to throw at you along the way, without extra money worries or sleep deprivation or difficult relationships.

I’ve spoken a lot about The Overwhelm before, but lately I’ve noticed just how many people feel like they are failing because they can’t always do it ALL, and I think we’ve got to combat this with some honest conversations. The pressure to excel at absolutely everything is SO huge, and I think that it hits mothers harder than anyone else. The continuous plate spinning we are all doing is relentless, the emotional labour is completely exhausting, and the guilt we feel when we smash a plate or two just adds to how difficult it can all be.

Take this as a reminder. You can’t be all things to all people 100% of the time. You can’t get it all right every day and not expect to burn out fast. You are able to take your foot off the gas pedal, let a few things slide and just breath. You are allowed to sack off 99% of that list and do whatever the hell you want to do, or do nothing at all – whatever floats your boat. Regardless of the state of your plates (the ones in the sink & the metaphoric ones) you are more than enough, you are loved and appreciated, and you are doing amazing things – every single day.

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