Helping Your Teenager Stop Smoking

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There comes a time in any parent’s life where we find that our child is doing something that we hoped they would never do. If you have recently found out that your teenager is smoking, it can be tempting to simply ban them from going out, or try to monitor them at all times to prevent future smoking from occurring.

While this may be successful, a more therapeutic approach might have a better effect on getting them to stop smoking. Websites such as 88vape provide vape products which can be used to help your child to transition off of cigarettes and start their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Start Small

You may not feel like getting your teenager to swap the cigarettes for vaping is a big step, but it can be huge. Not only does this help them avoid the many toxic chemicals associated with tobacco smoking, it also shows that they are willing to work with you to make healthier choices. Each step, no matter how small, should be encouraged and promoted. 

Show the love

It can be tempting to come down on your teen and berate them for their foolish life choice. Before this occurs, think back to your own teen years. You probably made a lot of errors then too. In fact, a lot of teenagers do see these years as their opportunity to experiment in life before they have to mature into adults. Trying to smother these experiments may potentially lead them to making worse choices simply out of spite. 

Instead, it can be more beneficial to discuss their reason for smoking with them, along with reminding your child that they still have your unconditional love, and always will. This will allow you to open communication channels and can help to encourage your teenager to come to you more for advice and support, especially relating to smoking cessation. 

Seek Medical Help

If your teenager genuinely wants to stop smoking but is finding it a struggle, there is no shame in asking for medical help. Your doctor will be able to advise them on how to proceed, and potentially give them an aid to make the process easier. 

Speaking to a doctor can also help them to really understand the risks they are taking by continuing to smoke, as your child may be more likely to listen to a professional who sees the effects on a daily basis, as opposed to a concerned parent.

While this can be stressful for you, it is important that you keep reiterating your love and care for your child, as well as to support them with any issues that may have led to them smoking in the first place. The way that you handle this situation will not only impact your child’s long term health but also their trust and relationship with you.

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