The Mental Fortitude To Stand Up To Debt

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We all get into bad situations that we end up wondering, how on earth we reached. But, you’re here now, the debt bubble you’re in can distort your worldview and make you think that you’re the only one suffering. To get through this sad part of your life, you need the mental fortitude to stand up to debt. But you don’t get it by meditation or mantra chanting. Well, maybe you can. But for the most part, you’ll get it from having the knowledge to never get into debt again, figuring out what debt actually is, and combating it head-on. Once you have the knowledge to fight it, you become invisible.

Debt as a concept

Debt is simply something that you owe. However, it’s also a value measurement. Take, for example, the United States. Did you know that the national debt is around $26 trillion? The unfunded liabilities including pensions and social securities are around $180 trillion! But why doesn’t the country just default? Why don’t the countries that are owed some of this debt, just cut America off? Well, the concept is, if you owe $26 trillion, you’re actually worth $26 trillion! We know, it’s a strange upside-down world, but that is how you need to approach your debt issues too. If you owe a bank or lender money, don’t worry, they won’t press the Armageddon button unless they are at the end of the road internally themselves. 

How to pay your debt…

Well, let’s not get too hasty. Who says you actually need to pay off a debt? For the most part, we understand the concept, i.e. a debt owed is a debt to be paid. But, what if you could change some of your legal statuses to relinquish some or all of that debt? This is the best debt settlement negotiation plan. First off you regain your birth certificate and entity status. This takes you off the register of some federal documents and thus, your citizenship status changes too. You can then become a sole proprietorship in all the capital letter names, as a separate entity than your living breathing self. This registration then gets taken to the State Attorney Generals and then becomes a nationwide DBA. This allows you to discharge some debts such as traffic tickets, court cases and more. Once you do this, your creditors and lenders will have to deal with your debts in another less inconvenient way.

How never to fall back in

Accumulating debt is so easy. Even the most educated people and wealthy people end up in debt sometimes. But you can avoid this in future by simply, learning how to budget, managing risk in your personal and professional life as well as making sure to invest. When you have to put money away every month for your investments, then that automatically bolsters discipline. Learn more about risk management and you can make sound logical decisions regarding your finances.

Debt can be overcome, as long as you have the knowledge to rely on. Understand the concept, don’t think that the creditors and lenders hold sway over you and you should take settlement advice. 

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