Review: Ravensburger Disney Cars 3 Giant Floor Puzzle

Dil is puzzle mad, he absolutely adores them. We have quite a few and he can do them really quickly now, so I’m always on the lookout for new ones in his age/ability range. He also totally loves Disney’s Cars films – Lighting McQueen is probably his favourite person ever, so when Ravensburger got in touch and asked us to review their new Giant Floor Puzzle to celebrate the launch of Cars 3 I jumped at the chance.

The puzzle consists of 60 large pieces and is recommended for children aged 4+. Dil will be 4 in November but he’s pretty skilled in the puzzle department so I knew he’d be ok with it.

Dil was absolutely thrilled when he opened the parcel. I think this is the first Cars puzzle we’ve had, and this one includes Lightning McQueen and his new competitor Jackson Storm. He opened the box straight away and got to work. As it is aimed at 4+ it was a little bit more tricky than some of the puzzles we have, which was nice as it gave him a bit of a challenge.

He completed it (with a little help from me) and took great pleasure in laying across it to see if it was bigger than him. It really is a pretty giant puzzle! After some practice he’s now able to complete it by himself which is brilliant.

Like other Ravensburger products the quality of the pieces is excellent, so I don’t have to worry about them being too flimsy and getting damaged. Since we got this puzzle Dil has assembled it approximately 10009 times and it’s definitely standing up to his rough handling.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this puzzle to any young puzzle/Cars fans. The difficulty level was perfect for Dil who is coming up to 4 and quite experienced with puzzles, so would also suit older children who aren’t quite as puzzle obsessed.

Dil gives it two thumbs up, and is now even more excited to see Cars 3 once it hits the cinema!

If you’ve got a little puzzle fan at home grab this Giant Floor Puzzle from Amazon now. 

*This product was sent to us to review, but all opinions expressed are our own. Contains affiliate links*



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