Maxi Dresses – A Plus Side Of Plus Size

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Fashions come and go, but don’t be fooled by big names – just because a dress belongs to a designer label or looks great hanging in the store, doesn’t mean that it is going to look good on you. Instead, a far better strategy would be to look for a dress that makes you look and feel great, regardless of the brand.

Trust me – no matter your size, shape or age, there is a dress out there for you. The good news is there is a dress for every woman. Here are a few rules to guide you: a big bust is flattered by a lower neckline and corset dresses. Pear shapes with a small or medium bust line look great in Empire dresses, Trench coat dresses, and wrap dresses. If you are young or physically youthful, you can’t go wrong with a baby doll dress, and of course, if you have legs that are the talk of town, a mini dress is the obvious choice. The inverted triangle is a notoriously difficult body shape to dress, but drop waist dresses, tiered dresses and bubble dresses all create a complementary effect to visually balance broader shoulders.

And then, there’s the classic all-rounder: maxi dresses. This multi-season wardrobe stalwart can be styled up or down to suit the occasion. But if they are not something you normally wear, the prospect of styling such a versatile item can be overwhelming.

In hot or cooler weather, between daytime and nighttime, there is a maxi dress solution for how you need it to be. Still baffled? Here’s how to max out your maxi dress for full effect!

The wonderful thing about maxi dresses is that they are universally flattering to most body shapes. Paired with heels, or even wedges, they can make your legs appear slim, long and elegant. If you choose a maxi dress in a wrap style, you are guaranteed that your waistline and neckline will be accentuated by the natural V-shapes that come with a wrap dress. Because they are so versatile, these dresses are not bound by age-appropriateness or body shape, and can be worn for all events, from formal to informal.

A traditional maxi dress is considered to be of a length that grazes the floor or hangs around the ankles. Beyond that, the styles, colours, prints, shapes, and designs are endless, and you have a lot of options to choose from in your quest for the perfect maxi dress.

For any number of outings, from a quick run to the shops to a slow lunch with the girls, simplicity is the universal guarantee of success. The simpler your styling, the broader your spectrum of suitability. A simple bangle or a pair of earrings, paired with a shoulder-slung bag gives a stylish, minimalist and sophisticated appearance. Cooler weather? Easily taken care of by throwing a biker jacket, denim jacket or blazer over your maxi. Take advantage of the many angles your maxi dress brings to your life, and dress it up and down, your way!

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