Dreaming of a Lottery Win with Lottoland Powerball

Procrastinating and day dreaming are things I do fairly often, so when Lottoland got in touch and asked me what I would do with a big lottery win I was more than happy to spend a little time fantasising about spending a few million.

The current Powerball jackpot is £491 million. Just take a few seconds to think that through, because it completely blows my mind. Just 1% of that would completely change my life forever. Here’s a few things I would do with a big win.

Forever Home

I’m sure this is an obvious choice for everyone, but the first thing I would do is purchase some land and start building our dream family home. It would be something like you see on Grand Designs, beautifully and cleverly designed and somewhere we would be able to grow into as a family. Imagine being able to personalise every inch of your space, have it created to your own specifications in the perfect location for you. For me that’s definitely the ultimate dream.

Luxury Holiday

Another obvious decision, but I’d definitely book a few ultra luxurious holidays if I came into that much money. I’d travel to all the places I’ve dreamt of seeing, but mostly written off due to lack of funds. I’d love to see the Caribbean, Thailand, Australia, to experience so many new cultures and visit some far away lands. I think being able to travel is an incredible thing, and giving the gift of that to children is even more amazing. Imagine being 5 or 6 and being able to actually experience these places, instead of learning about them from books or movies.

Dream Wedding

Something that we would love to do, but can’t really justify the cost of, is to have a really beautiful (read: expensive) wedding in Santorini, Greece. I’d love to be able to fly our friends and family over to the incredible island, to a private villa with professional chefs, a free bar, and all the other things that make a brilliant holiday. I dream of spending the week with our loved ones, and ending it by marrying the love of my life overlooking the caldera in a very expensive dress. Winning a large sum of money would mean that we would actually be able to spend some money on our special day, without feeling too badly about it or worrying that we should be using it to be rent instead.

Future Plans

A slightly boring, yet very sensible, thing I would do is set up Dilan and any of our not-yet-born-children for the future. Set them up with ISAs, capital bonds, smart investments – give them something that sets them up for university, buying their first home, starting their own family, and everything in between. Being able to give your children a start like that truly is the dream.

Shopping Spree

I have to admit that once a win like that was in my bank account I’d be completely unable to resist the call of the shops. I’d head straight to Selfridges, straight to all the things I have only looked at wistfully before. I think after any kind of large win it would be essential to splurge a little, really treat yourself, and have a proper Pretty Woman moment in all the shops you’ve been snubbed in before.

Enjoy the Finer Things

I think that, even if you do have 491 million in the bank, it’s important not to be wasteful with money. But it would be really nice to not mentally add up the food bill as you shop, not have to worry about what the total will be at the end. Get the fancy soap instead of the one on offer you know? Food shop in Waitrose rather than Aldi, get extra hallomi in Nandos, really enjoy the finer things in life…

And there we have it, just a few of the things I’d do if I won big on the lottery! Maybe one day it will all come true… a girl can dream right?! What would you do differently if you won the jackpot?

*This is a collaborative post*


  1. 21st May 2018 / 9:30 pm

    Good post! Really good what you said, but I think you should focus a bit on your investments too, if not, you might headache in the future.

  2. 4th July 2018 / 9:08 pm

    agree with Leandro, you have to focus on investments as well.
    It depends a lot on the amount that will be, even more that after taxes the premium gets much lower.

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