Kindness Advent Calendar Update – Week 2

It’s the end of week two of our Kindness Advent Calendar so here’s another round up of what we’ve been up to. Don’t forget you can follow along over on our Instagram and use the hashtag #thejoyofbeingkind so I can see what you’re up to. Check out how our first week went if you missed it! *New* our week 3 update is now up!

Day 12

It’s been lovely to see so many people on Instagram having a go at this one this week. How easy is it to grab an extra hot drink while you get yourself a coffee, and how brilliant does it feel when you know you’ve made someone’s morning by taking them something warm and showing a little kindness. We picked up a hot drink for one of the Big Issue sellers in town after we had bought a magazine.

Day 13

This was the first day we struggled! My plan was to round up some old blankets and coats from local charity shops and then pass them on to people who needed them, but we couldn’t seem to find anything suitable. I plan to raid my parents house for spares and donate them instead. The Norwich Soup Movement is always collecting sleeping bags, waterproofs, warm jumpers and jackets so they’d welcome donations. You can contact them by emailing if you’d like to arrive donating any items.

Day 14

This was a fun one! I had originally planned to leave the tickets somewhere really random, but I was concerned people would assume they were old and no good. Instead we popped them inside Christmas cards and left on inside a basket in Tesco, and posted the other through a random front door. Incase you’re wondering I did check on the numbers and there were no millionaires. One ticket did match two numbers though, meaning they win a free Lotto Lucky Dip for next week so who knows what could happen!

Day 15

Self explanatory and something we do every day so this was easy. I think it’s important though because even something as small as a smile can really genuinely change someone’s day.

Day 16

This year I’ve tried hard to be more mindful of where I’m spending my money this Christmas. I’ve tried to support lots of small businesses and independent brands, and I’m beginning to discover some really amazing social enterprises also. I’ve posted before about Arthouse Meath which is a social enterprise focused on showcasing the art work and talents of people living with complex epilepsy or other psychical or learning difficulties. Today we picked up some products from The Soap Co. who are  a luxury brand and social enterprise, specialising in providing training and work opportunities for those who are visually impaired or are otherwise disadvantaged. I was really attracted to the beautiful sleek packaging of these products plus they are ethically and environmentally friendly and come in several appealing scents.

Day 17

I’ve been so busy with the launch of We Are Enough and Dil has been helping his Dad look after his poorly Nana so we haven’t had much time to bake. Instead we popped to the shops and picked a lovely tin of biscuits for our next door neighbours. It’s definitely the thought that counts here, sometimes you don’t have time for the bigger gestures but something small like that, or even just popping a card through someone’s letterbox is enough to make someone smile.

Day 18

We’ve done this a few times before and it always goes down well, plus Dil loves watching from the window as our bin men discover their treat. We’ve popped a tin of biscuits and a Christmas card out with our bin this evening to thank them for their hard work, and all the waving they do to Dil,  all year round.


  1. 19th December 2016 / 12:12 pm

    You’re so inspiring. I love all the things you do. I’m going to try some too.

  2. 22nd December 2016 / 7:02 am

    Such lovely ideas. I’m so impressed with how well you’ve kept up with this! We have tried to do our bit, by donating to the toy and food banks and giving out small gifts and cards. But I’ll be honest, sometimes I just struggle to hold everything together! So important to try and make those small gestures whenever we can. x

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