Mother’s Day Gift Guide: Shop Independent This Mother’s Day

Dear husbands, wives, partners, significant others, sons, daughters, older children with internet access, grandparents acting on behalf of younger children, mamas who want to give themselves something special this year, and anyone else searching for Mother’s Day gift ideas with only five days to go,

If, like me, Mother’s Day has crept up on you from no where and you are now panicking about what to buy the special lady in your life then you’ve come to the right place. Here is a definitive last minute gift guide for Mother’s Day, featuring some really awesome independent brand and shops.


All mums need mugs. Sometimes it’s to drink cold tea from, 3 hours after they’ve made it. Sometimes it’s full of coffee because after two years of broken sleep caffeine is legit the only way to survive the day. Sometimes it’s actually full of wine/gin/tequila, cleverly disguised in a mug in order to avoid judgement at 11am on a Tuesday. Regardless of their tipple of choice, the mums in your life will always appreciate a nice mug and here are three of my favourites!

Below: Take No Shit mug by Haus of Mono, Boob Appreciation Mug – currently sold out by there’s some other gems over on Mere Souer (order by midday Thursday 23rd), and I am Enough mug by We Are Enough Co, who donate a percent of profits to Leeway Domestic Services.

Achievement Stickers

Trust me, these will get you some serious brownie points. Achievable goals Mamas everywhere deserve to be recognised and awarded for. These are seriously adorable and the Punky Mom UK shop is full of more items the Mamas in your life will love. Why not pair them with a mug and the promise of watching the kids while she gets her first sticker and has a hot coffee?! Win win win! Order by Thursday 23rd.

Mother’s Day Prints

I really love a good print, and my house is full of typography style quotes, drawings and framed images. The best kind are the ones that make you smile by conjuring up old memories or reminding you of good times. For gorgeous Mother’s Day prints check out Lovely Ink who has created a gorgeous selection of prints for any mother you’re buying for. I’ll always adore the ‘Kisses, Cuddles, etc’ print but I’ve really got my eyes on the ‘Mother – first, best, forever friend’ at the moment (hint hint anyone who’s buying for me!!).

I really adore everything Dolly Doodles does, and the prints she’s offering for Mother’s Day are no exception. Here’s my version which is personalised with our We Are Enough Co slogan but it’s available with or without text! Order by the end of today to get yours in time! If you’re looking for something more personalised then keep your eyes on her insta feed this Thursday as she’s releasing 10 illustration slots, and the art she produces is something to be treasured for ever.

Positive Affirmations

I’m a huge fan of Yesmum cards and I do like to mention them at every chance I get. If you don’t know what they are then you are possibly living under a rock. Yesmum cards come in over ten different ranges, meaning you can pick the best suited for your present receiver, and each pack contains 31 positive affirmations cards. The idea is you turn over one a day and repeat the affirmation, encouraging yourself to create positive thought processes. Basically, by reading and repeating these phrases regularly you will start to believe it.

Being a mum can be one of the toughest, loneliest, rockiest rides and you’re vulnerable to self doubt with every turn. These cards genuinely can make a difference to your happiness, confidence and self belief. Genuinely something anyone could benefit from, and a perfect gift for Mother’s Day.

The below cards are from my Yesmum Boss cards but they are available in several other ranges including Self Love, Strength and Well Being. You can get 15% off ALL ranges if you order before Sunday with the code MUMSTHEWORD

Mama Merch

There are so many awesome brands producing Mama merch at the moment and I want it all!

My Selfish Mother jumpers are an integral part of my mama uniform now and if the mothers in your life don’t have one then what are you waiting for? Available from the FMLY store in a range of different fits and designs (‘Winging it’ being a highlight for me); my personal favourite is the Supersoft jumper (below) but I’m hoping to add a Wonder Woman tee to my collection very soon! Order before 1pm and they’ll dispatch the same day, because they are awesome like that.

Shoutout to some other merch companies who all create items any Mama would be proud to wear – Bloody Nora Pam, Coco Roses Apparel, La.Totch, Winter & Rain, Betty Ratbag, Mutha Hood.


If in doubt I would always advise going for something edible, and I would almost always suggest that the “something” be cake. If you’re going to go down the treats route you better be sure they are delicious.

The lovely Eve from A Kind Mama has come through for us all this Mother’s Day  with a really lovely box full of delicious treats. The A Kind Mama Mother’s Day Box includes: 2 Oreo brownies, 6 lemon and poppyseed doughnuts, 2 heart shaped chocolate chip cookies, 1 gin and elderflower lollipop AND 1 A Kind Mama pocket mirror (which I’m kinda desperate for). All Eve’s items are vegan, and if you check out her shop you’ll see she’s able to cater for a variety of food allergies too, so you’ll definitely be able to find something to show your appreciation this Sunday. Orders will be sent out Thursday to arrive with you Saturday so get them in by Wednesday morning!

I’ve teamed up with A Kind Mama to give one of you the chance to WIN a delicious Mother’s Day Box, head over to my Facebook page now for all the details!


  1. 19th May 2017 / 8:48 pm

    Mothers’ Day in the US is 14 May this year, so shop our guide for gifts that are sure to bring a smile to mom’s face.

  2. 14th June 2017 / 11:11 pm

    Mothers’ Day in the US is 14 May this year, so shop our guide for gifts that are sure to bring a smile to mom’s face.

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